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I've had the lower crank timing belt pulley keyway shear and disintegrate off my VW Golf 1.9 diesel estate (1995). Does anyone know how common a problem this is with this model and whether most garages would pick it up? Do I need to replace the engine?
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You may need a new crankshaft but not necessarily a new engine.
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Have a look at www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?v=i&t=83...2 about seven postings from the end, where the contributors talk about the possibilities of repairing keyways.

Was any other damage done to the engine by the failure? In the worst case, it could have been like a cambelt break - cambelt stops turning, so valves and/or pistons damaged.

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This is a problem with the Golf D The bolt is prone to comming loose and the pulley yvibrates and wears the key away until it shears off. The last one I did fortuneatly ony mover past the key by about 15 degrees and the performance roled right off which led me to check the injection timing and thus to the pully problem. No damage was done internally and a new pully and some good locktight cured the problem.

I assume you car just failed at speed. Dismantle the pulley and establish whether the crank is damaged beyond repair. Do not do a compression test as turning the engine over will damage valves and or pistons. However is you postion the pistons half way down the bore, be carefull, you can rotate the cam shaft and check that all the valves do come up all the way. measure the cam to follower clearance. also make sure that a valve does not want to keep coming up i.e. hard up against the cam i.e. the valve head has been broken off. if all is ok then maybe a new crank sprocked and a 'new' bolt will sort your problem. You will have to have the injection timing redone. Good Luck Peter
VW Golf Timing Belt - herbie
Many thanks for your advice.
Is this a common problem with this model then?


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