Lead Time for new cars - RichL
I feel slightly foolish asking this, but I honestly havent got a clue and I wont get to my nearest dealer until the weekend.

If I was to walk into a main dealers and write them a cheque for a new car (Seat Ibiza TD Sport for example) how long am I likely to look at before said shiney automobile is ready, assuming they dont have one parked out the back?
I've been looking at some of the importers sites, who are quoting 12-14 weeks for an import, but on the plus side are upto £2000 cheaper. You pays yer money, but if on the other hand I'd be looking at a substantial wait for a new car from a UK dealer I might as well save the money and wait a bit more.

Also reagarding SEATs, does anyone know if the Free Insurance offer is a pan-European offer? I somehow doubt that if I imported a car I'd get it, but I dont know until I ask.


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