New Peugeot 206 van - good choice? - percy
A colleague is thinking of buying a new 206 diesel van with either the 1.9D or 1.4HDI engine. He likes Peugeots, having had good experiences with a 205 van, but is on a VW Caddy at the moment and fancies a change. Have the Peugeots become cheap and nasty now? Have their engine problems been sorted out? Are the dealers any good? We have read HJ's CBC breakdown and now seek opinions from the learned contributors. Many thanks in advance.
New Peugeot 206 van - good choice? - Andrew-T
Haven't tried either van, but have owned several 205s (still do) and one 206. If the van is to be used as a van, it seems likely to have drivers with big shoes - they will have trouble with pedals being too close (no prob at all in 205). Also found seats in 206 uncomfortable for long runs (that's why I have only owned one). Otherwise, well-built, economical and OK to drive. After 12 years with Peugeots I have decided to stop at a 306.
New Peugeot 206 van - good choice? - Vansboy
It's a good little van, but has a list price,so not a lot of metal for the money.
Does he REALLY need a van,though, depending on his VAT status, he could well be better of ££££ wise with a car!
Get him to check out a Punto,more cab space & load space too.MUCH cheaper upfront & as this segment of the market is not overflowing with choice, not as bad as you might think to sell on, later.
Lots of vans come via import dealers in Ireland,to save a bit more on the initial purchase price.


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