www.cashandcarrycars.co.uk - Wally Zebon
Has anyone had any experiences using www.cashandcarrycars.co.uk?
They seem to offer good deals with a warranty and free delivery anywhere in the UK. I'm a little worried that this might be too good to be true.
Any feedback would be appreciated.

www.cashandcarrycars.co.uk - DavidHM
Well they're not overly cheap, so there's enough room in their prices for them to offer the package they're doing.

Where are you based? With any used car, I'd feel much happier at least seeing it and getting a feel for it, but they are AA/RAC inspected or inspectable. My biggest worry would be that you can't pay with a credit card, so if it does all go wrong, you've very little chance of getting your money back.

On the other hand, if they'd accept a banker's cheque or CoD, and the car has a clean bill of health, and you can't get as good a car or deal locally, then why not?
www.cashandcarrycars.co.uk - Wally Zebon
I looked at a Calibra turbo that they had in Southampton. I'm in Scotland, so going to see the car is a little bit impractical. I would be happy buying it unseen with their warranty if I could speak to someone else who has dealt with them before.
I could always refuse the delivery and get the AA/RAC inspection done for free, and then accept the car.

www.cashandcarrycars.co.uk - mal
Can't imagine why anybody would think of buying a s/h car unseen
no matter what kind of warranty is being offered unless you had the option of returning it on seeing it in the flesh but that would not be feasible from the sellers point of view and even if that were possible you would have to pay for the return transport.
What if you found that the bodywork has had some work on it.
www.cashandcarrycars.co.uk - Galaxy
Wally Zebon

Never, never, buy a used car without thoroughly inspecting it yourself in person, with an AA/RAC or similar inspection if deemed necessary, but certainly all to be done before agreement to purchase the vehicle.

Do not rely on any form of warranty to get you out of possible trouble; in many cases, it won't!

This company say that their cars are AA/RAC inspectable. You must make sure that you clearly understand what this description means. It does NOT mean that they are AA/RAC inspected.

Ask all the questions and do all the inspections with your money still firmly in your pocket. You can just walk away then if you're not satisfied, or have any doubts. Once you have parted with your money you are just at the mercy of the company, and whatever they may decide to do, or not do, to help you with anything.

I think you are treading on very dangerous ground by even considering the purchase of a car that you haven't even seen. I myself certainly wouldn't even dream of doing this.

www.cashandcarrycars.co.uk - mal
No offence implied to anyone (I hope) but only a "wally" would buy a car in this manner!. Hope I don't get carpeted off someone for this reply.
Mal. "thinks...... well here goes"
www.cashandcarrycars.co.uk - James_Jameson
I can't help other than support the "don't buy a car unseen (under any circumstances)" advice.

You'll have little or no comeback should there be a problem.

There are a multitude of things that could be wrong that may only be seen by your own (probably more careful inspection) of the car.

Incidentally, wandering just slightly off-topic, I often contribute to a Porsche website forum, much of which is populated by Americans. There are a surprising number of them who have bought their used Porsche unseen which amazes me, especially bearing in mind the amount of money usually involved. However, the USA is a bit larger that the UK for travelling to see a car and I expect they have much stronger consumer protection laws even for buying used cars unseen.
www.cashandcarrycars.co.uk - bafta
I don't think that some punters should be allowed to buy a secondhand car even if they've seen it unless they know what they are doing which, judging by the discussion group topics, many don't. When you consider the amounts of money involved I have to agree that purchasing a secondhand car in this way is somewhat adventurous. Considering where you live, how do you intend to pursue the company if you rely on the used car warranty to bail you out? From experience, gained in my formative years, a lot of these warranties are not worth the paper they are printed on (see Which Magazine). If your serious about the car you should take the train to view it and get an inspection done. The money spent on the train fare could save you thousands later!
www.cashandcarrycars.co.uk - Cyd
Just a thought...because you enter into this deal from home remotely from the companys premises, doesn't the 7 day "cooling off" period specified by law for such contracts apply here? In which case you can return the goods and cancel the contract within 7 days.

Calling Pug Ugly...
www.cashandcarrycars.co.uk - Wally Zebon
It's all over now anyway. Someone else has bought the car.
Thanks for the advice though. I am now restricting my Autotrader search to within 100 miles. I can comfortably do a round trip and still have time to see the car, all in daylight.

www.cashandcarrycars.co.uk - M.M

When folks talk to me about travelling far to look at used cars I comment you can see enough rubbish within a ten mile radius...you don't need to travel for it.

Galaxy gives very sound advice, particularly about getting the right car not the wrong one with a warranty.

www.cashandcarrycars.co.uk - volvoman
Seem to remember Nidd Vale Motors in Harrogate operating a similar scheme when I was looking for an Omega last year. IIRC they said they'd deiver said car for £250 and take it back if I wasn't satisfied. When I asked how they could afford to do this, their answer was that hardly anyone ever sends them back 'cos the quality is so good. It was a compelling argument but I have to agree with those who say that buying 'blind' probably isn't the best idea and in the end I didn't go ahead despite having no reason to doubt what I've heard is a very good company.
www.cashandcarrycars.co.uk - volvoman
A £250 refundable deposit that is.
www.cashandcarrycars.co.uk - T Lucas
I buy all my used stock 'blind'in Japan,but the cars are graded,this means that the car of a particular grade has to meet certain standards.
Could be a useful way of doing business in the UK.
With the internet i sell cars on to people 'blind' in the UK,and have had people fly in from Scotland or N.Ireland for particular cars and always give an honest discription,or advise an AA inspection(not RAC)and have on a few occasions just put the car on a truck for delivery without being viewed at all.
Apart from maybe the price,probably a safer way to buy a car than a punter going along to an auction to buy just 1 car.
Just my thoughts,do your own research etc.
www.cashandcarrycars.co.uk - mal
Your thoughts, although contradicting this thread appear to be a nice little earner for you so there must be a fair market out for doing business in this manner.
www.cashandcarrycars.co.uk - Old Bill
Have you considered jamjar.co.uk? They are supposed to be part of the Direct Line group (hence have a reputation to care for)and offer 1 year manufacturer's warranty with any used car they sell.

I have not bought a car from them, all I know is from adds and their web page. Perhaps some other readers may know more about them.
Old Bill
www.cashandcarrycars.co.uk - Steve G
It amazes me the amount of trust people are willing to put into 'professional' car inspections. These companies are in my experience useless. They have never asked for or even checked documents such as the V5/service book/mot e.t.c of the cars i'am selling.
One inspector completely missed a large dent in front wing.I could go on and on about the ridiculous things they do put in the report and the incredible things they miss....
If people are prepared to spend £200+ on somebody with a trolley jack and one hour to 'professionally' inspect a car then i'm in the wrong business...
www.cashandcarrycars.co.uk - Galaxy
Steve G

I don't trust "professional" car inspections at all, but they have to be better than no inspection whatsoever!

Consumer programme tests have shown there to be many independent inspectors who do a much better job than AA/RAC.


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