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I have a full car licence from 1980. I have a modern 50 km/h-restricted 50cc scooter.

It's my understanding that my licence entitles me to ride this scooter, without L plates. And that although it's advisable, I don't strictly have to pass a CBT.

My understanding also is that you cannot carry a pillion passenger if you are a 'learner'. This implies that i CAN carry a pillion passenger (although uphills are slow) because I don't have to have L plates on my scooter.

However, an acquaintance reckons that the full 1980 car licence, whilst not requiring me to display L plates, still only classifies as "a provisional licence until I have passed a CBT". (which seems contradictory - surely then I would still have to have L plates?) and therefore I am not allowed to carry a pillion passenger.

Which of us is correct ?

And in addition, what would the same rules be, if my vehicle was a Piaggio MP3 scooter with the 2 narrowly-spaced wheels at the front, which I am 99.9% certain can be ridden with a 1980 full car licence. ?

Thanks in advance.

Licence/CBT/50cc/Pillion - Xileno

This link seems to suggest you don't need to do the CBT. The important points is the date of Feb 2001, different rules after then. Regarding the pillion I wouldn't want to have someone on the back of a 50cc irrespective of the law, barely enough power at the best of times.

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That link gives completely contradictory information for folk who got their licence after 1/2/2001, as demonstrated by the author's inability to understand the difference between license and licence.

Licence/CBT/50cc/Pillion - HandCart

Thanks for the reply,

yes, that does seem to clarify things (apart from the daft wording of the post-2001 section, as Tom notes).

I recognise it's not ideal having a pillion on a 50cc, but surprised then that they make them with a double saddle and pillion footpegs!

My pillions have been lightweights, and I find it doesn't make that much difference to the performance on the flat, but uphills are 'interesting'. Best to pretend we're on a tandem...

The Piaggio has engines from 300 to 500cc, and even the 300 can comfortably exceed 60mph. Seems like that would be a neat solution.

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