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I have left it a bit late for my MoT test this year mainly due to the changes in MoT extension due to COVID I forgot to sort it. I have a booking for my usual garage but they cannot do it until just before mine expires.

I wondered if any other local testers would be available before my booking just on the off chance i could get in earlier. Googling I found BookMyGarage which displays local garages and prices... ..

One was shown as Secret Service which I think is a local main dealer (<4 miles from me). . The name is emailed once you have booked. A direct check shows no availability until after my MoT expires

Looking further afield I find another main dealer but with its name (about 15 miles from me), availability, etc. They have availabilty and prices seemed very low for a franchise dealer - full service £150 MoT £25. Looking at the dealer website directly shows the cheapest service at about £205

Has anyone used BookMyGarage? Any idea how they can book an MoT or service cheaper than the dealer's own price?

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If you use these Garage booking services, the prices quoted are often for basic oils, and you will find "extra" for this and that.. From reading complaints and even on this forum, they will take no responsibility if anything goes wrong.

They make a booking and take percentage for doing it.

Not saying they are all bad, but beware of gift horses... etc.

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Not saying they are all bad, but beware of gift horses... etc.

My thoughts exactly - I know I can trust my local independent to do the job as I have always found them quite reasonable. it just seemed a bit too good to be true!

I will stick to who I know and hopefully my car passes its test without a hiccup!

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These garage booking services are just middle men , taking a commission out the job . They are not garages , and know nothing about cars . Very often their fee is more than the profit the garage makes .

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