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Your gonna love this one.

So 2018 Africa Twin DCT bought for £13,500 from new.

May 2019 the bike cuts out on the motorway and almost kills me, bike on 16k miles.

So AA breakdown home and then on to the Honda dealer. After 5 weeks in the dealership, the fault was fixed, problem due to fuel starvation to the fuel pump. So complete fuel system replaced including the tank, under warranty.

All is fine, until....September 2019, bike cuts out again on the motorway, almost die!!!!

Again breakdown home and back to dealers. Bike now on 22k miles.

After 3 weeks fault diagnosed as the same fault, and the fix is wash out the tank and completely renew the fuel system.

At this I point I put a notice into Honda finance, as this is a PCP bike that I want to reject it under section 9,24 of the consumers rights act 2015.

I have already given Honda a chance to repair it once and section 19 states that I have to allow one repair.

Which I did in May.

Meanwhile, I notice rust appearing on the frame!!! and also log two different cases with the DVSA, who are investigating and are talking about getting the manufacture to recall all 2018 Adventure sport anniversary bikes, as this is a life threatening fault.

I am still paying the PCP, so far Honda UK have ignored all my legal rights and offered me a years extra warranty, which I declined.

However the case is now being investigated by Honda finance, who actually own the bike....7 week wait now for an outcome.

Funny thing is that, I quote from an email sent to me by Honda UK.

Fuel Tank

Maidstone Honda contacted our Master Technicians in May 2019 to report contaminates found in the fuel tank. As a responsible Manufacturer, we take isolated reports of this nature incredibly seriously and escalated the matter to Honda Motor Europe. It was upon their recommendation that the fuel pump, fuel tank and injectors were to be replaced.

We were contacted once again in September 2019 to advise that the issue had reoccured. We reported this incident to Honda Motor Europe and they advised the fuel pump, fuel lining, and injectors were to be replaced. However, it was recommended that the tank was to be washed out and cleaned as opposed to replaced.

This is because we believe that the fuel tank from new contains reminents of substances from the factory which shed over time, causing debris in the fuel tank and blocking the pump, injectors etc. This is why our recommended warranty repair is to have the tank washed out and thoroughly cleaned to rectify the issue as the substance will no longer be present.

I love the last statement where honda admit that this debris was in the tanks from new.

So they replaced a faulty tank, with a faulty tank and have admitted it.

This is why I have had enough and rejected my bike, just thought I would share, now the battle begins.

It must be noted that Citizens advice have opened a case on this and have in turn contacted Maidstone trading standards


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Honda Africa Twin crf1000 - Honda Africa Twin im rejecting - Kristian4

It looks like a good one. I"m a newbie here. Glad to know about it. Thank you!

Honda Africa Twin crf1000 - Honda Africa Twin im rejecting - craig-pd130

I certainly wouldn't trust a bike that had cut out on me twice in those circumstances. Good luck with the rejection.

It's good you've got the email from HUK about the dodgy tank lining. Have other Africa Twin owners had similar experiences?

Honda Africa Twin crf1000 - Honda Africa Twin im rejecting - Nick Gannon

Good afternoon I had a 16 plate africa Twin , this problem persisted for 2 and half years , Honda took it in too many occasions and failed repeatedly to resolve it , eventually after I plastered my experiences on You tube they aggreed to replace it 2019 , the worst scare was on the Isle Man TT course when I came towards the gooseneck (hairpin) with Four other bikes up my backside and the engine stopped got alot of these events on video somewhere.

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I think your honda motorcycle fuel filter is already clogged. Check possible fault codes with your diagnotic tool, if you dont know the fault code meaning , check :

Honda Africa Twin crf1000 - Honda Africa Twin im rejecting - Ana William

I'm sorry to hear about the troubles you've had with your 2018 Africa Twin DCT. It's concerning to hear that you've had two instances of fuel starvation on the motorway, which could have been life-threatening. It's good that you've taken action to try and resolve the issue, including contacting Honda Finance and opening cases with the DVSA and Citizens Advice. It's also positive that you're aware of your legal rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

It's worth noting that if the bike is found to have a serious fault that cannot be resolved, you have the right to reject it and get a full refund or a replacement. If the fault is less serious, you may still have the right to a repair or replacement, or a partial refund. It's important to work with Honda Finance to try and come to a resolution that is satisfactory to you.