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One of my grandparents friends are giving up driving and they have a 2006 city rover with 36000 miles on the clock. Car seems really clean and not given them much trouble over the years. I was wondering for the very small amount they want for the car is it worth a chance?

I was wondering are the actually as bad as people say? All i can say from a quick drive is they are nippy, a bit thrashy sounding and not the best interior, but sort of remind me of a mk1 punto.

Parts dont seem to be a problem with plenty consumables etc available from the web etc.

The only thing they which is remotely rusty on the car is the fuel filler neck which can be bought as a kit for around 40 pounds, if this needs done in the future,

Anyone know from experience their problems?

City rover solo 2006 - city rover 2006 any good? - SLO76
Simple and mechanically quite robust (basically an old TU series Peugeot motor and gearbox) but cheaply made for a third world markets. Rot is a major issue and scrimped repairs and maintenance common due to the next to zero value of even the best of them.

Handling, ride, refinement and quality are more early 1990’s than 2006 but if it’s cheap (sub £500) has a decent Mot, isn’t rotten underneath and drives ok then it’s worthy as a cheap runabout but if it’s tatty and has a short Mot it’s scrap value only which currently is about £50. I’d personally spend a bit more and get a decent Micra, Fiesta, Jazz or Swift but it’s all down to how cheap it is, not even a mint car is worth more than £500.

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City rover solo 2006 - city rover 2006 any good? - KCSRenault


Many thanks to SL076

Car was indeed rotten underneath, shame as it was very good in other areas and drove very nicely, however 11 years in a scottish village by the sea has done it no good, even though its been garaged. The underseal has not helped either, flaked off in the past and held water in,

Ohwell they got there use out of it and now its off to the scrap yard, not bad really for a car that cost them just over £4000 pounds eleven years ago, not bad at all.


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