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To the chap who would like to think that a catastrophic engine breakdown should have prompted a safety recall: the law disagrees with you. In this country a car is deemed safe if it passes the MOT test. The MOT test pays no attention at all to an engine that has broken down or is about to break down. The reason is simple: cars with broken engines do not move, and cars that do not move pose no more of a hazard than buildings, lumps of rock, things that fall off lorries and land in the road, and a million other things that do not move. Ah, but you will say, it might have broken down where others could run into it. Yes, but the law and the insurance companies both say that would be their fault, not the fault of the car that is run into. What you have here is not an issue that justifies a safety recall but simply another case of poor engineering from VW.

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