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Hi guys im after a new car, petrol max 1.4, above 100bhp, 5 door budget i think would be ultimate max 8k(ideally 6k). im not too bothered about boot space, but holding value is important too. mileage i could be doing around 12k-15k a year.also 2009 onwards

I was considering a leon 13 onwards, i dont really want a golf due to price. all advice would be great(i dont want a honda or the big brands audi, bmw etc)


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Have a look at Hyundai i30 - that budget might get a 3-year old so still 2 years left on the warranty - or a Kia Ceed, same car underneath, but with a 7-year warranty so could probably go a big older/cheaper.

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Kia Rio 1.4

ypu will surely find one close to you. make sure service history is KIA to benefit fro warranty.

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Thats a 1.25 oldroverboy, this is what you want:

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What’s the reason for the stipulation that it has to be under 1400cc? You are aware that engine size has little to no bearing on economy or insurance rating? Some manufacturers such as Ford and VAG opt for small capacity turbos and others such as Mazda chose to go for larger normally asperated motors instead, with the later typically more reliable in the long run.

Removing the requirement for it to be under 1400cc opens up the likes of a Honda Civic 1.8, Mazda 3 1.5/2.0, Toyota Auris 1.6 or Ford Focus 1.6 all in petrol form. All 4 will provide robust longterm transport and the Civic in particular is always in demand so resale will benefit. That’s not to say the Leon is a bad motor, far from it. The current post 2013 model with the belt driven 1.2/1.4 TSi petrols is an excellent car but longterm reliability still isn’t proven as yet while the others I mention above are well tried and tested.

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