Vauxhall Corsa D - failed timing chain - scfc_151

Hi all. Im not sure which forum this is better suited.

my friend has a 2013 1.0 ecotec corsa with 37.000 miles that failed to start the other morning. i thought it was the battery as it was very sluggish to start so tried jump starting. even though it was turning over really strong it wouldnt start. he desperatly needs the car got it towed to a garage who diagnosed a failed timing chain. i think the reason the battery was sliggish was because his good lady gave it a good few tries to start it up in the morning.

apparantly this is quite common on the corsa. the question is have there been any recalls on this engine? if not does he have an argument to get in touch with trading standards? surely a timing chain should be a reliable part needing no maintainance? id argue that its not fit for purpose

any advice appreciated

Vauxhall Corsa D - failed timing chain - elekie&a/c doctor

Timing chains are a known weak point on this engine,but really no worse than a lot of other makes,especially VW,where timing chains on the 3 cylinder engine can fail at 20k miles or less.No recalls on the timing chain. Is there any sevice history with correct oil change maintenance?Has the chain broken or "jumped"?

Vauxhall Corsa D - failed timing chain - scfc_151

as far as I know he bought it with full history and the mechanic said it had jumped


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