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The link is to the BBC news we page it states thousands of cars running around eith the DPF removed and the MOT may change to help detect it.

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It was only a matter of time before they decided the law needed tightening up. Interesting to note that the garages failed to notice the DPF wasn't there but then if it's just a hollowed out can with the filter removed, other than breaking it down they wouldn't know one way or the other.

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More bad publicity for diesels.

Its a shame, because they really did try to persuade us that the modern diesel engine would perform a major role in the salvation of our environment.

And now it seems there's a negative story every week about the poor things.

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The emissions test for a Diesel engine is very basic and is only checking for smoke density.It does not measure particulate amounts.A lot more money is needed to have a suitable emissions tester to check dpf efficiency. Also an Mot tester is not allowed to dismantle any part of the car for inspection So in many cases a dpf may not be easily visible,especially if the car has under engine covers.

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