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Hi my cars have been targeted for a few years now normally the tyres are slashed. But this time the radiator plug was taken out and the oil pipe was cut. The first I knew is when I was driving home after picking up one of my children from school, all the lights came on and the car died. Luckily for us someone stopped and plugged up the hole and refilled the water and oil so we could get home.

I checked the oil and water the day before this happened and it was fine.

Now the car is making a loud tapping noise so I think the engine is knackered. Does anyone know if I could claim on my insurance because it was done maliciously?

I have depression and anxiety and spent all the money I had on a decent car and I'm absolutely gutted and have no idea what to do.

Thank you in advance

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Vauxhall Astra H Estate - Car has been maliciously damaged - hardway

Did you report these incidents to the cops?

Clearly somebody seriously doesn't like you,

Cops would be my first call as I can't see any insurance Co even considering anything without

some kind of crime number from a report.

Vauxhall Astra H Estate - Car has been maliciously damaged - focussed

Does car insurance cover malicious damage?

I guess vandalism would be covered but this is a bit different.

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I don't know about the insurance claim,
but I would be looking at getting some cctv or even a wifi camera in the car.

you don't have to spend a lot for basic ones.. I use a cheap webcam £5, an extension usb cable, and a computer, with free software YawCam

have a look at mine for quality
ps it keeps a movie on the pc automatically when it detects activity,

Maybe even a false led light in the car , with something that looked like a web cam, would be enough to put people off.

There's lots of info on the internet , on how to make an old phone into a cctv

Also, maybe talk about neighbourhood watch
or setting up a local group on facebook.

We have a facebook group over here, and when cars were being tagetted causing broken wing mirrors etc,

& even recently at Halloween , pumpkins smashed , windows egged etc.the facebook group had a running commentry of where the gits were, and the police and the schools were informed.

Try not to be a victim or feel alone, try and get some support behind you
Maybe the local newspaper would be interested.

Maybe lots of other people in the area feels something needs to be done ...

I don't know your situation, but I would do all I can to get others looking out for you, and you them


Take Care

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Vauxhall Astra H Estate - Car has been maliciously damaged - edlithgow

This is technically a very intersting answer (KNEW I shouldn't have chucked that old phone away) and the "don't go it alone" advice makes a lot of sense.

However, I wonder about the vulnerability of the kit. Unless it transmits live images (perhaps its possible to arrange this with a phone-camera?) the kit might be ian incentive for attack, rather than a deterrent.


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