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Hey i made a post the other day explaining the issue with my car and it turns out i was right but im unable to return the car for another just wanting to see if i have any rights.

I got a new car on purchase hire 3 days ago, it was dropped off to my front door, i had never driven it as it was being delivered from another part of the country.

The car was being brought up from England to the 3rd parties office where i bought it from then the salesman that i did the deal with drove it from the office to my front door,signed the papers then he left.

I drove the car for the first time later on that evening and noticed right away something was very off with the steering/alignment. As it was too late to contact their office that day i rang them the very next morning notifying them of the issue and that i was going to get the alignment checked and booked it in for the nearest available time which was 2 days later.

I took the car to the seat dealer nearest me and they did a check using the hunter system, it turned out it was out of alignment, the front left and rear left camber was off and the front right caster was off also, tbh nothing was sitting dead centre on the read out but those 3 were all outside the tolerence area.

After they spent about 2 hours they gave me the car back and explained they couldnt get the caster on the front right in the tolerence zone but everything else was, but after looking at the printout most of the readings are very close to being outside the tolerence and it shows still when driving it.

At this point i decided to call the salesman about it and asked if i could return the car for another as i wasn't satisfied with it and the fact the car had been delivered to me made me have my doubts about it.

I was told there was no way this would happen as Seat would want to oppurtunity to amend the issue and that basically the return would not happen as Seat wouldnt allow it. So i rang seat myself and they told me they didnt deal with it and that it was the 3rd party that sold me it and delivered it so it was their issue....

So after what felt like 4 hours of phone calls, i am no further forward... the salesman is claiming he never felt anything when delivering it.... adament there was no way it could have happened on transit and a whole load of other excuses including telling since i got the alignment done independently ( which i corrected him as i took it to seat ) that they will tell you what you want to hear if you are paying for it ( i didnt pay as i was under warranty so why would they lie) and many other excuses they still refuse me the swap.

There is so many things off with the situation, it may just be a coincidence but the side the car pulls to front right that particular tyre pressure was way higher than the other 3 tyres which led me to believe it was maybe intentional to compensate for the pull.

Anyways the short of the story is the car was delivered to me out of alignment and even after an alignment confirmation with a seat dealership and unable to get it aligned properly the 3rd party company that sold me the car refuse swap the car over for me and claimed they couldn't because Seat wouldn't allow it and Seat confirmed they have nothing to do with it and it is the 3rd parties problem.

Any suggestions... i really don't want to keep this car after the alignment it still feels off and i dont think i should have to keep a car that will need work done i imagine before i've even driven it for longer than the trips to the dealership i've needed to make.


seat toledo. - Brand new car delivered with problem no return ? - fendertele

alignment printout

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Hope this helps, i have not read through it myself.

seat toledo. - Brand new car delivered with problem no return ? - Big John

As shown above /\/\/\

What happens if something goes wrong within 30 days of purchase?

A clause of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 - 'the early right to reject' - states that you have a legal right to reject a vehicle that doesn't meet the specified standards within 30 days for a full refund. After the first 30 days, within six months of the sale, the manufacturer has one opportunity to replace or repair the vehicle before you're entitled to a full or part refund.

If you part-exchanged your old car for the new one, you will not get it back. Instead, you'll be entitled to the price of the part-exchanged car. The dealer can't charge for usage, wear and tear, collection of the vehicle or anything else.

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seat toledo. - Brand new car delivered with problem no return ? - Falkirk Bairn

In this case, the contract to buy the car is with the Broker/Agent as this is who you ordered the car from & who you paid. Any issues & recourse you have to go to the Broker.

Buying via a Broker is getting more common.

With some you pay the broker who pays the franchise for the car, as in the case of the OP.

With other brokers, e.g. DTD, you pay them a deposit by CC/Debit Card & then deal with & pay the dealer directly on pickup. (Other Brokers are available)

seat toledo. - Brand new car delivered with problem no return ? - Manatee

If you bought it on a regulated credit agreement via the seller, you will have the same rights against the lender as the seller. They will of course try to get the seller to sort it out, butthey are legally on the hook.


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