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Hi, can anyone recommend a small/mid size automatic for a budget of £5K? Will be mainly for city driving and the odd longer journey.

Recommendations for Small - Mid Size Automatic - badbusdriver

Well you definitely don't want any sort of automated manual gearbox, so that rules out VAG group cars, PSA group cars, Fiat, etc. You want a traditional torque converter auto (smooth, usually reliable, but thirsty) or CVT auto (smooth, usually reliable, economical, but a lot of people don't like them).

Trad auto suggestions would be mazda 2 or 3, hyundai i20 or i30, Kia rio or cee'd.

CVT auto would be toyota yaris mk3 (not sure if the mk2 was CVT) and Honda jazz.

Recommendations for Small - Mid Size Automatic - SLO76
Beaten to it with suggestions of Mazda 2/3 and Hyundai i10/20/30. Plus totally right to say it's best to avoid anything with a complex and trouble prone automated manual box like VAG's DSG, Fords Powershift, Toyota's MMT, Honda's I-shift or anything from Citroen, Peugeot or Renault.

Where roughly are you and I'm happy to take a look for local options for you?
Recommendations for Small - Mid Size Automatic - Cris_on_the_gas

Honda Jazz, dull as paint but won't let you down

Recommendations for Small - Mid Size Automatic - Doug87542

Thanks all. I'll look at the Jazz, Yaris and Cee'd as there seems to be plenty available at that budget.

Recommendations for Small - Mid Size Automatic - SLO76
Be wary of the Mk II Jazz, it used the jerky and troublesome I-shift automated manual up until 2010 when Honda accepted it would never work right and switched back to a CVT which is generally robust if gearbox oil changes are adhered to so buy only with a full Honda service history.

The Mk II Yaris also uses a rather nasty automated manual box known as MMT Multi Mode Transmission which again was dropped by Toyota much later on for a much more robust CVT. Your budget won't stretch to one of these however so I'd leave the Yaris unless you want an older Mk I with the bombproof torque converter box.

The Cee'd is a good bet but watch for rot underneath, particularly on front and rear subframes and the front crossmember. The Hyundai i20 and i30 are also good news as are the Mazda 2 and 3 at this sort of money. All use robust traditional torque converter gearboxes and straightforward normally asperated petrol motors.

Cars that normally make a good used buy are often turned on their head as an auto by the complex and trouble prone nature of automated manual gearboxes. I wouldn't recommend anything with one fitted, especially at this age/money.

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Recommendations for Small - Mid Size Automatic - SLO76
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Recommendations for Small - Mid Size Automatic - argybargy

Going against the grain here, but as the owner of a B Max with Powershift, mentioned above as one to avoid, I've spent quite a lot of time in the 3 months we've had it driving courtesy and loan cars whilst waiting for the gearbox/ clutch to be fixed.

However, having had a new clutch fitted just a week ago the car feels fine, changes smoothly and as SLO has often said, the Zetec engine is a great unit.

In my experience alone, if you can get a B Max Powershift which has had the new clutch pack, the rest of the package does make it a really good car.

Granted, its a big punt, especially if your Ford warranty is nearing its end.

Crucial and probably decisive point from my personal perspective is that its not possible to say for sure whether the new clutch will last the reasonably forseeable lifetime of the car.

Might be totally useless in terms of your question, but thought I'd throw it in anyhow.


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