Vauxhall Corsa - 50mph crash, write off, old car :( - JadieBee
So, This is my second time posting here!

This one is a bit more serious than the last. Last week I had a Lorry turn right across me into a junction. All caught on Dashcam, lorry driver admitted fault. Worked out I had 4 seconds to react and stop. His tail bar - big silver bar thing on the back, speared my car. Went up in flames ect. Was doing 50mph, it was wet on the road, tried to stop, couldn't. Long story short, I contacted his insurance company who have given me a courtesy vehicle. Missed out on a job interview that was the next day :( but since had a job offer from a interview I went too before only a £7,000 per year pay drop from the one I missed out on. Devestated.

Anyway, my car was a 53 plate corsa. Only had it two years. In that time the ECU had to be replaced, head gasket, timing chain and water pump. Got it for £2,000 ended up putting over 2k into it in repairs. Yes, I know but I loved my car!!

Currently waiting for the Lorry's company insurance to deem it a total loss. Which I already know it is. Looking on auto trader the value is £800 private sale - £1,500 forecourt value. I know they're gonna offer me peanuts for it, however I have the courtesy car until a offer has been agreed. - I made sure that was very clear.

So my question is, does any of the repairs I've had done count? If I buy another one of my year and mileage I'm gonna have the same problems I've had with mine and my body work was immaculate before this! What are my options with accepting/declining offers. Can I counter offer? I'm going direct through his insurance so mine aren't involved - I obviously let them know though.

Any advice would be appreciated!
Vauxhall Corsa - 50mph crash, write off, old car :( - RobJP

You can counter offer, yes. But you will not be entitled to more than what a similar car, of similar age and mileage is worth.

So if a reasonable-quality, pretty-much-identical car is for sale at £1200, then you're going to be stuck accepting that.

As to the additional costs you've sunk into that car. Sorry, but tough. Your choice to spend £2k on a car not worth that amount. Nobody made you do it.

Vauxhall Corsa - 50mph crash, write off, old car :( - JadieBee
Well I've found one I would be happy to buy, but it's just over the 2k mark. Only one year older but slightly less miles. More than the textbook value of my car, however of same make and similar age. It's 40 miles away though! Would I stand a chance?

Certainly not saying anyone forced me to? Not sure where that's come from? However It was a car I wanted to last me a long time, hence making them! And my crystal ball failed to notify me of the incident. Will replace the batteries when I get a chance.
Vauxhall Corsa - 50mph crash, write off, old car :( - FP

I think Rob's point was that cars don't appreciate in value as time goes by, no matter what money you put into them, whether it's routine maintenance or so-called enhancements.

This is part of running costs and does not convert into increased capital value.

The best you can hope for is that your car doesn't depreciate unnecssarily, but it will only ever be worth up to the book-value for an example in good condition.

Collector's cars, vintage etc. are an exception.

P.S. Sorry to hear of your accident. A write-off is wretched; happened to me once only so far in a long motoring career and it took a bit of haggling to get my insurance company's offer up to something reasonable. I showed them a lot of ads valuing similar examples higher than their initial offer.

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Vauxhall Corsa - 50mph crash, write off, old car :( - JadieBee
Yeah I appreciate the point that was made.. Just maybe not the way it was put across.. Kind of like I didn't force the lorry to make the turn and cause a whole bunch of problems for me!

This is my first 'big' accident, only other being a road rager reversing into me at low speed. Im just thankful I walked away. My kids weren't in the car and despite some muscle pain, I'm fine!

So it looks like I need to do my homework then. Quick look on auto trader, its coming up with 2/300 rust buckets and not my Sleek Clean SXI that I'm used too - Big old sad face. I really didn't ask for this, but upgraded to a 2016 Captur in the mean time, so can't be too sad!

Obviously I don't wanna accept a low offer, but I wasn't sure how much wiggle room id have before they told me to get lost! That and I'm not one for taking the mick. Just feel like I'm the one who's lost out and it wasn't my fault!

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