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Thanks to Skidpan for pointing out my careless error in OP. People who viewed earlier will have found it confusing and perhaps may comment now. I have reposted because meeting my friend at weekend and would like to be more informed.

A friend took his car to a national garage chain to have a new clutch fitted. A week later about 250 miles steady driving, he was unable to get the car to engage in gear.

He got it back to them and was told the gear linkage was loose and these things happen. I am suspicious of the standard of fitting clutch. Am I right to be ? or could there be another reason ? I don't want to criticise unjustly.

Correction to post on gear linkage - Gibbo_Wirral

When I get a customer with a car issue, first thing I ask is "how long has it being doing this?"

I would say 7 or 8 times out of every ten its after a service or a clutch change.

I don't know whether its because the re-assembly is rushed, someone junior is doing the re-assembly, or whether there's a potentially failing part that has broken during removal or refitting.

Correction to post on gear linkage - hardway

If the vehicle is say a Peugeot/Citroen then the gear linkages,

3 of them,

wear out all the time,

they're only pop on swivle joints and need popped of to remove the gearbox.

And there's no adjustment so they go back on as they were before the job

If they were worn before then they're worn now!

Any doubt and I fit 3 new rod/linkages,

So there's no blame on these type of jobs.

Correction to post on gear linkage - liammcl

peugeot 106 1.1 1997
yup, mine popped off, when i pushed the gear stick out of gear without using the clutch.
and then I couldn't get it in gear again.

I pressed the ball and socket link arm , underneath the car, back in & all good..


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