Warranty coverage - should I contribute to work needed?

I bought a Saab 93, 06 Reg from a dealer in January with 12-months warranty and 49K on the clock. On Saturday it broke down and I had to flatbed it back to the dealer. Diagnosis is that it needs a new Water Pump and Cam belt. The AA Warranty (Gold) will cover the cost of the waterpump but not the Cam belt replacement as they feel this is is a standard service interval replacement part and therefore I should pay £120 for a new one. The service interval for Cam belt replacement for this part is 70Kmiles - so still a way off (I am at 50Kmiles) and the faluty waterpump apparently led to a deteoration of the belt. Should I be asking the dealer to pay for this?

Asked on 17 May 2011 by Saab101

Answered by Honest John
Typical problems with this disaster zone of an engine. Get it fixed and get rid asap before the next catastrophe.
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