Fiesta rear suspension bushes question - RichardA
Morning all,

Just after some help with some work my girlfriend has recently had done at a local garage. The fiesta failed its MOT on the rear suspension bushes (common fault) and needed some welding on the chassis next to these mounts.

Now I just popped my head under to see what had been done and noticed one of the bushes they have not managed to get all the way in, it's sticking out and they have had to adjust the mounting point to suit (there is a link to some hosted pictures below). Also the welding doesn't look too great either. On top of that they have left the hand brake cable off the clip on the subframe at each side.

Although I'm not a mechanic, I have done quite abit of work on cars in the past, just get the feeling it's abit of a shoddy job, should I be taking it back to them to sort or is it acceptable.

Thanks in advance for any advice

Link to picture (hope it works)

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Fiesta rear suspension bushes question - Cyd

Maybe if we could see the pictures behind all that spam then we could help

Fiesta rear suspension bushes question - RichardA
Does seem to add rather a lot of spam when viewed on a mobile device.

See if this is any better

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Fiesta rear suspension bushes question - hardway

I've seen way worse welding that that,

And submitted for an MOT,

Failed of course.

Yours seems to have passed.

So looks not too important.

And I woudn't worry too much about the bush.

If your conerned then take it up with the garage.

Fiesta rear suspension bushes question - RichardA
Thanks for the quick response, will leave it be in that case, least we will get another year out of the old girl now!

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