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Good morning , I have a question regarding aftermarket car parts , OK , I am replacing my timing chain kit at some point in the coming weeks , I've had a look around various small and large motor factors in my local area and 2 brands keep getting offered , Fai auto parts and Bga automotive parts , both of which are classed as oe (original equipment), has anyone used these brands of parts and if so are they any good , I have enquired with Ford and although they offer a kit as such , they will only sell the relevant parts separately , and so this becomes very expensive , a friend of mine has said that Ford have suppliers that make the parts that are fitted to their cars when being built and most likely use some of the 2 brands listed somewhere along the line , any advice appreciated , thanks in advance

Ford Mondeo Estate - Aftermarket car parts - elekie&a/c doctor

FAI seem to be the popular choice in the aftermarket at a sensible price.Don't forget if you are going to replace the chain,you will need all the relevent cam/chain locking tools to do the job.

Ford Mondeo Estate - Aftermarket car parts - flowerloverman

Thanks for getting back to me , looks like FAI may well be the one to go for , also i`m borrowing the tools from work , unfortunately as they are are college garage , it was too big a job for them to attempt so i`m going to do it instead thanks again


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