Retaxing a SORNed vehicle - brum

I SORNed the Alhambra off the road over 3 months ago when I realised it had hardly moved off the drive for the previous 3 months and then found out I could suspend the car insurance thereby saving about £45 or more per month.

Soon it'll be time to get her back on the road, to do house removal duty and get her MOT next month. I need her on the road by about 21st of this month.

Q. If I tax her in the last week (or two) of the month, can I do as dealers do (with new cars at least) tax for 12 months plus one (or two) weeks. Or am I forced to tax it back to the beginning of this month?

Road tax is £245 pa on this car.

Is the online procedure the same as an ordinary tax renewal?

Retaxing a SORNed vehicle - elekie&a/c doctor

I bought a car in the last week of August. With Mot and insurance in place,i tried to tax it from the beginning of September.The online system would not allow me to do so.I could only tax it from August,and as it was the 28th of the month,I decided to wait until 1st of sept.

Retaxing a SORNed vehicle - leaseman

The concession to tax a car for 12 months + x weeks is only available for new, unregistered cars, as I think you guessed.

If the car is insured with a current MOT, normal on-line RFL is same as retaxing on a consecutive basis, but will commence from the 1st of the month that the operation is performed.

Retaxing a SORNed vehicle - bathtub tom

You'll need to tax it with your old MOT before you take it for a new MOT, as you won't be able to tax it without a current MOT (one day's sufficient).

You are permitted to take it for an MOT without current tax, although you must have insurance and an appointment at the MOT station.

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