Used car advice needed please - Rog46


Im looking to a get a used car my commute has gone up so looking to cover around 16-18k a year. Im reluctant to get diesel with all the pollution stories etc. Economy is the most important factor hopefully with a bit of power 100bhp is ideal.

A hatchback, 5dr with a budget of 4-5k, any suggestions are welcome.

Used car advice needed please - badbusdriver

1st up I applaud your modest needs, not many people these days would consider 100bhp as sufficient let alone ideal!.

2nd thought was what size of car you need (physically), but then again, you only really have the options of something up to the size of a golf/focus. So to that end, I'd suggest, in no particular order, toyota auris 1.33/1.6, mazda3 1.6, honda civic 1.4, ford focus 1.6. Moving down a notch in size, I'd also consider the toyota yaris 1.33.

Despite my earlier comments, it might be worth considering a slightly larger engine (unless you are restricting yourself for insurance reasons) as the penalty in mpg could be negligible. I'm thinking specifically here about the 1.8 civic over the 1.4 as I'm sure I've read on here before that the economy benefit is very small!.

Used car advice needed please - SLO76
How much space do you need? Would a Fiesta sized car do or a Focus?
Used car advice needed please - Rog46

Hi yes any size is fine, primary goal is economy. and reliability

Used car advice needed please - SLO76
First thing that springs to mind would be a Mazda 2 1.5 Sport. Great fun to drive, nippy enough with 102bhp but still cheap to insure and will do 45mpg no bother. Normally asperated chain driven petrol engine is pretty much bulletproof if looked after and it's practical enough for most needs. The smaller 1.3 is fine if you're struggling to find a Sport near you. It's still great fun, just takes a little longer to get there.

Another great option would be a Ford Fiesta 1.6 Titanium. Shares the same floorpan and suspension as the Mazda 2 but uses the excellent and very robust Yamaha designed 1600 Zetec SE motor that's been in use since the mid 90's. 118bhp, great handling, loads of toys and again 45mpg without much effort. The 1.4 is a good choice too again if you can't get a good example of the 1.6. It's just a smaller version of the same excellent engine.

The Suzuki Swift is another cracking little car but you're stuck with the 1.2 if you must have 5drs. The 1.6 Sport is 3dr only but a total hoot to drive. Well liked by the trade and punters alike, it's a good little car if you can cope with 3drs or a smaller engine and 5drs.


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