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Any help gratefully recieved as I got roasted stuck on the M3 yesterday in my wife's 2005 petrol Zafira.

Not sure what's wrong but she said she never uses the air con which probably hasn't helped over the last I topped up the gas which felt futile after half a squirt from the Ez Chill canister put it to mid-way along the 'green' bit of the gauge. No visible leaks and everything looks clean.

Compressor kicks in and can be seen spinning.

Inside the car the fan works on all settings.

I'm no mechanic but if there's anything I can check before taking it to the garage it would be appreciated.



Vauxhall Zafira A - Air Con Blowing warm - RT

Get an aircon service done - not just a regas - they'll extract any gas/lubricant, pressure test it adding UV marker - it's probably show where it's leaking then you can consider getting it fixed.

Vauxhall Zafira A - Air Con Blowing warm - elekie&a/c doctor
Those easy squirt canisters are a complete waste of time .An a/c system needs to be free of air and filled with an exact quantity of gas to work correctly. These quick fill devices do neither.Take it to an expert.

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