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Hello ,

Recently my great aunts car went in for an mot and was found to have a very high biting point and turned out it needed a new clutch. The car is a renault megane 1.6 saloon petrol.

However after much thought whether to do it or not. And after a drive which showed why the clutch was going, driving around with her foot to the floor at 5,500 revs!

She decided she wanted an automatic but liked the renault megane saloon shape.

She has seen a 2007 renault megane 1.9 dci saloon, 34000 miles FSH, automatic,

Are these automatics any good or is she west to stay clear, she liked her car and wants another the same shape. The car is just under two grand, which is not a lot but if it goes bang, still a reasonable amount of money to say goodbye, to.

Any advice about these automatics, would be most helpful,


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Don't touch a ten year old Renault diesel or automatic. This is probably the least reliable car she could buy. The 1.9 dci engine is notorious for turbo failure among many other issues and electrical gremlins are very common on older Renault's.

Keep it simple and stick with a petrol engine and ordinary torque converter gearbox. A Mazda 2/3, Ford Focus or Toyota Corolla are all good bets if you need a cheap auto. Where roughly does she live and how much is her maximum budget?
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Don't agreen on the 1.9 but do on the car.

Early 1.9 Mganes and Lagunas (2002-2004) gave turbo issues as the oil feed design was wrong. The engine is basically sound though - these will do mega mileages in Volvos for example. Later Meganes the engines are pretty sound if serviced.

I'd agree on the electrics and general build though. I'd only buy one if it was a give away price and accept that it will probably go wrong one day and need to be thrown away. They don't take age or miles very well in several areas. The facelifted Meganes are better but still the keycards pack-up, suspension gets clonky, auto wipers fail, windows fail etc.

It was a shame really as they were quite pleasant cars with some nice spec levels but haven't stood the test of time very well. Corolla is best bet IMHO.

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If you must have a Megane,then go for the 1.6 petrol.Fairly durable engine apart from the normal ignition coil failures.Also important to ensure the cambelt has been replaced. Don't forget the standard eletrical gremlins of windows not working correctly along with heater blower and rear lights .


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