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Hi guys!

I bought a 12 plate VW Golf Convertible (manual gearbox) from Lookers in February 2017 with 23,000 miles on the clock and it came with one year Das Welt extended warranty. I dropped the car off for service at a local VAT registered local garage about three weeks ago and I pointed out to them an issue that I've been having: when on neutral (but possibly also when in gear, not sure!) when I depress the clutch, halfway as it goes down it makes a rattling noise, but past that halfway point once fully down it stops. The exact same thing happens the other way around, so when the clutch is down, and I release it slowly, halfway up it makes that rattling noise again, but it stops once it is back in its original upright position. Also when I depress it down fully and the suddenly lift my foot off it and allow it to spring back into its original position, the revs go up by about 100-200rpm once it reaches its original upright position after which the revs drop down to normal (900rpm or so) - this rev increase last seven for half a second or maybe a second and it the result of it springing back to its original position when I lift my foot off completely rapidly. Also the gears don't go in easily, especially first and second, as in the gearstick gets stuck roughly halfway between changing from first to second and it needs an extra push to put it in that second gear.

I've contacted VW dealers and VW finance and they said they won't know if it's covered under the warranty until they take out a gearbox, and I need to authorise that, so that if they do take out the gearbox and it turns out NOT to be covered under the warranty, then I need to pay them £600 for just that gearbox out.

Two questions:

1. What could be causing this issue, what do you think it is?

2. What legal options have I got when it comes to this situation I'm in - it's stupid that I'm risking £600 (that's just for the gearbox to be taken out, and the repair of whatevee it is would be another £600 or so!) because they can't diagnose the issue without taking the gearbox out!

Thanks for your help in advance, I am really frustrated!


P.S. The rattling noise is coming from the outside of the car and can be heard quite loud next to the front left (passenger's) wheel arch. In the garage I had it serviced in they said "the gearbox is dead, return it to VW on warranty". It's currently in VW dealership in Birmingham and they want that £600 authorisation.

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Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet - VW Extended warranty issue - elekie&a/c doctor
Tricky one.Sounds like a clutch issue and the warranty company are bound to say it is "wear and tear" and thus not covered.May be the cheapest option is to get the Indy garage to remove box and inspect
Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet - VW Extended warranty issue - RobJP

I'd agree, it sounds like a clutch issue.

The warranty handbook for 'Das Welt' quite clearly states that 'Clutch pressure plates, bearings and frictional material' are not covered (page 12)

With the amount of time since purchase, it would be up to you to PROVE that the fault was present at the time of purchase. You may find that VW may make a 'goodwill' contribution to the cost of repairs, or they may not.


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