Correction to post on gear linkage - scot22

Thanks to Skidpan for pointing out my careless error in OP. People who viewed earlier will have found it confusing and perhaps may comment now. I have reposted because meeting my friend at weekend and would like to be more informed.

A friend took his car to a national garage chain to have a new clutch fitted. A week later about 250 miles steady driving, he was unable to get the car to engage in gear.

He got it back to them and was told the gear linkage was loose and these things happen. I am suspicious of the standard of fitting clutch. Am I right to be ? or could there be another reason ? I don't want to criticise unjustly.

Correction to post on gear linkage - skidpan

To fit a clutch you need to drop the gearbox off the engine.

To do that many parts need disconnecting including the gear linkage (even though most are cable operated these days) and then refitting afterwards.

Think that answers your question.

Correction to post on gear linkage - Wackyracer

A friend of mine took his wifes car to have a clutch fitted by a certain national chain who charged just over £800 to do it, his wife said the car was difficult to get into gear and they said it would settle. As time went on it became almost impossible to get into first gear at idle and on returning to the company they claimed the warranty was now void as she had not taken it back ontime to have the clutch adjusted (as written in the documentation but, never mentioned even when she complained about the clutch on the day after it was fitted).

I took the car back and asked for the manager, he came out and continued on the course of the warranty being void by not taking it back within the time frame for 'adjustment' at which point I asked him to show me how you can adjust a hydraulic clutch which has no scope for adjustment. Within a few minutes the car was booked back in for the clutch to be changed again free of charge.

Correction to post on gear linkage - scot22

Thanks both. I will suggest my friend goes elsewhere skidpan - yes answered the question.

Wackyracer, at least it has happened elsewhere, also he had no hassle with the garage - though he should perhaps have given them hassle.


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