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Recently, the ABS, brake and traction lights lit up on the dashboard. It's an i20, 2011.

Took it to a Hyundai dealer to get diagnostics and came up with faulty ABS pump/HECU (quoted £1729! Yeah, whatever..).

Got a used one and having it fitted today.

Does anyone know if it'll need coding (the garage didn't seem to be sure)?

Also, I've seen ECU repairers who seem to be able to send repaired modules that don't need coding. So someone apart from Hyundai can get by the problem.

Would be interested to hear from any Hyundai owner this happened to.

Thanks all.


Hyundai i20 - ABS Pump/Modulator - capricious71

Just got a phone call from the garage saying it won't need coding and it's working.

Maybe someone with a similar situation may find this useful if they search the forum.

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Hyundai i20 - ABS Pump/Modulator - SLO76
First I've heard of it on an i20 and I flogged a few so this is helpful info. Electrically and mechanically they're usually no trouble. Water leaks in the boot are the only reoccurring issue I've had. Do you mind saying how much it cost you to fix in total?

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