Seat dealer PCP finance - sydney the oz

Could anyone in the know advise what the lowest PCP finance rates might be haggled from a Seat dealer, on either a new or demo car? Thx

Seat dealer PCP finance - RobJP

It depends.

For new cars :

You'll find they'll have 'offers' on where the deposit contribution is higher, but the interest rate is also higher - or at other times of year, minimal deposit contribution, but lower interest rates.

For pre-reg or nearly-new cars, manufacturer or dealer deposit contributions are normally terrible, and the interest rates are higher.

SEATs website seems to be currently quoting a minimum of 4.9%, depending on model.

Seat dealer PCP finance - veloceman
Depends which model.
I got a Leon FR Black on a pcp.
£1000 dep and 0%.
Seat dealer PCP finance - Falkirk Bairn

Interest rates are important BUT the No1 priority is the price you are paying. Paying 0% is fine but you have to do the sums.

Buying Price + interest charges over the 2/3/4 years.

Brokers such as DrivetheDeal, a good place to start.

Then trawl for best loan deal - bank, finance companies, dealer finance.

Often the broker deal can include manufacturer finance deal if required.

A neighbour looked @ motorpoint for a ex day rent BMW 3 series. PCP for £434 / mth over 4 years with some £2500 deposit

Then went to 3/4 BMW dealers - all shades of deals but the best was £400 down & £400/mth on a Brand spanker - the dealer had cars on order so a tweek on spec was possible with the delivery in 2 months. Going through DTD was within a couple of pounds of what the BMW dealer offered.

Seat dealer PCP finance - colinh

Apparently the lower your claimed earnings the better deal you get:


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