Renault Kangoo Trekka 1.9D 4x4 - replace steering rack - strickjumpers


Pre MOT inspection reveals requirement to replace power steering rack, I will be tackling this myself with limited facilities and tooling, rent as required. can anyone tell me if the engine needs to be dropped on the rear subframe mounts to extract and insert rack? I can't find a Haynes manual, suspect another Renault model would be the same running gear, Megane?any other advice welcome. It's an old van and not really viable but has too much sentimental value for the kids not to give it a go, bought a rack, reconditioned bankrupt stock for 80 quid! Many thanks to all, Mike.

Renault Kangoo Trekka 1.9D 4x4 - replace steering rack - hardway

Never done one but I suspect like other Renaults it's easier to drop the subframe or ease it down to give clearance for rack removal.

Standard Kangoos are listed as a four hour job.


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