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I recently purchased a 2014 vauxhall insignia(less than 6 months) from a vauxhall dealer and i have been recently had the radiator fail. Now this car is only just over three years so i have spoke to the warranty people who have looked at it and stated that it is corrosion that has caused it.

Now bearing in mind radiators dont normally go overnight, would i be correct in thinking that it is likely that it was faulty when i bought it as less than 6 months to me seems not exactly a long time for this to occur. Should radiators really be failing with just over 3 years useage in normal uk conditions?

Where do i stand in with regards to the consumer rights act in getting the dealer that i purchased it from or the warranty to fix it?

Many thanks in advance

Vauxhall Insignia - vauxhall radiator - Falkirk Bairn

Call in on the selling garage - Consumer Rights are 6 months.

Ask them to replace the radiator.

If they refuse write to the dealer, explaining you require it to be fixed foc.

Send the letter recorded delivery - If they refuse then tell them you will pay a 3rd party then take them to Small Claims if they fail to pay the bill.

Cheaper for them to do the job than someone else + court costs.


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