Overseas (Canada) Roadside Assistance Cover - autumnboy

Just returned from driving in Alberta, Canada.

Hired a car from a reputable Car Hire firm in Calgary, after getting as advised an International Driving Permit and DVLA codes of which when told the assistant I had them. Looked blank as to why I had them.

I am planning another trip shortly to Calgary. I have read that it is a better option to sort your own Road Assistance Cover, covering Breakdown - Tyres - Windscreen etc. Cost wise

Anyone know if that can be sorted here or has to be Canada, and advice of who to. appproach.


Overseas (Canada) Roadside Assistance Cover - skidpan

Here's an idea. Why not use Google and find some companies in Canada who offer what you need and then e-mail them to find out if you can sort it before you arrive.

How hard can it be.

Overseas (Canada) Roadside Assistance Cover - autumnboy


but all one's seen are yearly not daily/weekly.

Canadian Tire, BCAA and Costco etc


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