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Hi, my fiesta will lose power intermittently, go into limp mode and the display shows EAC FAIL. Recently it has sometimes only slightly lost speed but the EAC FAIL always shows. Yesterday when it happened the display went blank altogether and then showed the fail message. It happens at any speed, ovcaisionally at ignition and may happen a couple of times a week and then not for 2/3 weeks. As soon as I'm able to pull over, turn engine off and back on the fault clears. My brother who is very handy along with advice from a mechanic has replaced the plugs, leads and coil pack to no avail. I'm at the end of my tether now, doing as little mway driving as possible which is no good. I understand it's a common fault and people pay out a lot to try to eliminate the cause, I have to be honest I'm now considering getting rid of the car but this frustrates me as it is otherwise a good runaround for me. If anyone could help with any ideas of what could be the cause I'd be so grateful. Thank you.
Fiesta Zetec 02 - Intermittent Loss Of Power - elekie&a/c doctor

The Eac fail warning was/is a common problem on this model.In the majority of cases it is a fault within the electronic throttle body.(there is no mechanical connection between the throttle pedal and the engine).Unfortunately ,a new part is very expensive,from memory over £350 , You could try a s/hand part .May be worth a punt.


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