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My daughter had an accident when she was driving from her drive down the road and passed two parked cars when a car reversed blindly from his drive and hit my daughter on the rear wheel arch. My daughter had right of way. The guy entered into her path. It wasnt even the front of the car but the rear of the car.

This happened in March and the driver claimed my daughter was at fault. She couldnt possibly be at fault she was driving correctly. She has since changed insurers due to once again as they do every year put the premiums up. The guy now has come up with a false witness, who claims she was walking down the path and saw everything and claims my daughter was driving too fast, which was strange as the first thing my daughter did was look around for witnesses. Does anyone know how she stands with her old insurance company and can anyone offer any help on professional bodies that can advise her.

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If the witness was not there but they make a statement that they were they are comitting a crime.

So I suggest you and your daughter visit a local solicitor for a free initial interview, they wil be able to advise you on the nexyt steps.

If the case went to court and the witness lied under oath the repercussions on them would be severe. So if they want to go to court and lie let them. Just make sure you get your facts right and stick to them.

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This shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to sort and it is a case of insurance companies dragging their heels.

When reversing it is the driver reversing that needs to ensure the path is clear. End of. The speed of other cars is of no consequence, the person reversing hit them demonstrating a compete lack of observational skills.

S200 of Highway Code is what you quote to get the insurance companies to buck their ideas up.

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