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We've got a rather narrow drive, so before buying I wanted to know which of our alternatives would fit (eg Zafira, Verso, Touran).

But dammit, the makers, Parkers and so on specify the width over mirrors, and the width without mirrors (for whatever use that is to anybody), BUT NOT width with mirrors folded.

Will somebody please change the world

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I moved to a narrow street about a year ago, we changed our car about a month ago. This website is very helpful as it gives all the dimensions including 2 for width, including and excluding mirrors. For the record, we went for a honda jazz as despite being equal narrowest car in its class (excluding mirrors) it is the most spacious!

width with mirrors folded - badbusdriver

Sorry, just re-read your post!. With the mirrors folded, both on the jazz and our last car, a hyundai i30, they don't stick out past the widest point in the car. I know that ain't much help. But if you go to view a car armed with the width excluding mirrors, fold them in to see if they stick out past the rest of the car. If it's a major issue, my advice would be to go with the narrowest car out of your candidates. But also, bear in mind, you are not going to be able to place the car accurately on your drive with the mirrors folded, and even supposing you could, how would you get out?.

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On my 63 plate Verso the mirrors also don't stick out further than the widest part of the car. If you google "Verso front view" you can see the way it curves and where the mirrors will fold in.

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We had a garage with narrowish doors ant the last house and getting a car that was not too wide needed careful research. We always too a tape with us when we went looking.

Our 2002 Mondeo fitted fine but when we tried a smaller 2005 Civic Type R (with the large revised morrors) the tape said it would not fit and when we tried one it would not fit.

At the new house the doors are wider but while the Superb fits with space to spare according to Mr Rabone a new Mondeo would only go in with one mirror folded.

Mr Rabone is your friend.


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