A14 specific junction lane? - NAthan smith

Very specific question. Every night i come down the A14 and leave at J7 for the A43 Northampton. Several cars go off an into the left lane and then proceed to turn right towards Northampton. I have seen numerous near misses here and are sure cars should be in the right lane to go right? Anyone have any info on this and can i clarify this with this highways agency?

A14 specific junction lane? - Manatee

According to street view, there are no road markings on the slip or the roundabout, and only one sign for drivers leaving the A14 southbound, near the end of the slip road, showing that N'hampton is the third exit from a roundabout. Up to that point, not all drivers leaving the A14 would necessarily be aware that they will be turning 'right'.

Given that most traffic is probably turning right it wouldn't be unreasonable to have both lanes marked for that purpose provided they had somewhere to go. Unfortunately the A43 exit from the roundabout is only one lane, and I imagine that is where the trouble occurs.

Not sure how up to date street view is - that junction may have been updated,

A14 specific junction lane? - John Boy

Not sure how up to date street view is - that junction may have been updated,

It appears that the dates are at the bottom of the Street View screen. If you "drive" along the A14 in Street View and exit at that junction, it seems that a camera car went along the A14 last year, but one has not been on the slip road since 2012.

A14 specific junction lane? - NAthan smith

There are no arrows on the road to indicate whcih exit you should leave at but my view is you would not go inthe left lane to take the third exit?! Left land should be for 1st or second exit but people dont seem to follow this.

It needs some clarity from highways agency as i see a near miss virtually every other day here!

A14 specific junction lane? - Manatee

Regulars who do it are probably just trying to get ahead if the right lane is queued.

Strangers will not necessarily know the layout of the junction or even which side of the A14 their destination lies.

The junction and slip need better signage and or road markings if that junction isn't working well.

A14 specific junction lane? - gordonbennet

That junction is abot three miles from my house.

Its not marked but it makes two wide lanes at thge entrance to the roundabout, as said the vast majority of traffic is turning right for Northampton, if everyone religiously stayed in the right hand lane for right turn the queue would be back down on the A14 at peak times, its a wide roundabout so sensibly most people use both lanes and a bit of jiggery pokery at the N'ton exit and we're all speeding up the hill past Cohen's old scrap yard at a heady 40mph.

To be honest Northants roads are fast grinding to a halt, the A43 twixt N'pton and Kettering has been a joke for the last 40 years, the A45 at Rushden is chaos, just wait till the new retail park (where people can't wait to spend more on their already maxed out credit cards) at Skew Bridge opens up, it'll be mayhem, the queue Eastbound for Chowns Mill (A45/A6) roundabout was back to Skew Bridge around 1750 thisevening.

Not to worry, i spotted a bit of Northants green land not built on earlier, we should be able to get at least 43 more vast warehouses to stuff to the rafters with Chinese tat, another 15000 barracks, sorry houses, several huge retail parks plus 20 more supermarkets to service the extra 50,000 people incoming, the present roads in the county can easily cope, some bloke in a sparkling new hivis said so.

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