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Hi, hubby has started selling cars part time with a mate. One is main driver on insurance and the other is named. Our question is are the trade plates only for main driver or so the plates come under the business name and can any of them use them? Should they have a set each? Is that allowed?

Trade plates partnership - SLO76
The plates can be used by any driver, you just have to make sure the driver is insured through your trade policy. Even the customer can take a car away on trade plates for a demo as long as your trade policy has demo cover.
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I think there are two questions here, one about insurance and one about use of trade plates. Both are probably better answered from horses mouth rather than anonymous people on an internet forum.

Policy and schedule, or a call to the insurer should sort out who is covered.

On the plates themselves question may be answered by DVLA's website or helpline.

Are hubby/partner using plates to move vehicles from auction to trade premises, for customers to road test or both of those?

Trade plates partnership - SLO76

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