Volkswagen Passat B6 - Slight grinding in 5th - Banjobiggins
I've just bought an 06 passat 6 speed 2.0 tdi (140) and have receipts from previous owner of new gearbox and clutch/DMF 3 months ago. Problem is since I've had the car, there is slight grinding when changing to fifth gear. All other gears are fine. It drives lovely in every gear even fifth after the grind. This should not be happening when both gearbox and clutch have been replaced. Any idea what it could be guys?
I bought it from a dealer and he's looking into it, but I wanted to know what it's likely to be
Volkswagen Passat B6 - Slight grinding in 5th - SLO76
I'm not a mechanic and I know this doesn't really help you here but as a trader I've learned it's unwise to purchase a vehicle that's just had a huge amount of money recently spent on it then it's quickly been disposed of. It's likely they've fixed it on the cheap in order to get rid of it or they've found the cheap botch job hasn't worked and they then flog it. No one spends a large sum of money on an 11yr old motor then flogs it without good reason.

Was it a new gearbox or a used one? If it's used it could have 200,000 miles under its belt and weak synchromesh on that particular gear. Did they fit a poor quality clutch and flywheel? It's unlikely to VW parts but there's a huge variation in standards with aftermarket parts. Some simply don't do the job properly.

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Volkswagen Passat B6 - Slight grinding in 5th - Banjobiggins
I'm in contact with dealer and he has suggested the work done is under warranty from the garage who did it. He is also arranging to have it repaired. I've told him if he doesn't I want my money back, I know where he lives and he knows my family so this shouldn't be an issue, just wanted advice as I'm not a mechanic either and if he comes back with some BS story I know my facts, thanks for advice though mate ??
Volkswagen Passat B6 - Slight grinding in 5th - Peter.N.

If you mean it 'crunches' when you put it into 5th sounds like a synchro problem which can possibly be done without removing the gearbox.

Volkswagen Passat B6 - Slight grinding in 5th - Railroad.

Sounds like a worn synchro cone on 5th gear. Gears to be engaged both need to be either stationary or rotating at the same speed. The job of the synchromesh mechanism is to ensure that this is achieved. If a cone is worn you will be engaging the gears before the speeds have been synchronised. This is known in the trade as 'beating the synchro'. Older drivers will remember the days when motor vehicles didn't have synchromesh gearboxes, and driver's had to double declutch to match the speed of the driving gear to the driven gear, or in other words the engine to the driving wheels.

Volkswagen Passat B6 - Slight grinding in 5th - Peter.N.

I can remember when it wasn't on first or reverse and most gearboxes were only three speed.


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