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Hi guys. Sorry I posted this in the wrong section before.

I'm after some advice. I had an accident on the 30th march on my way home from work and it was on a round about.
I entered the round about and wanted the take the 3rd exit on to a dual carriageway. The 3rd part entered the roundabout as I passed the 1st junction of the roundabout he was in the left hand lane of the dual carriage.
As I attempted to leave the roundabout at the 3rd junction the 3rd part continued to go around the roundabout in the wrong lane and hit my car with the drivers front corner of his car. The damage to my car is down the passengers side and extends about half way down my car.

We both pulled over and after discussing the accident he accepted liability as he admitted he was in the wrong lane and wanted to continue around the roundabout. No wistnesses as no one stopped! We exchanged details eventually which Ill be honest I didn't think was going to happen as the 3rd part wanted to go and discuss things more and possibly pay cash for repairing my vehicle which I was not up for! Anyway things sorted we both went on our way.

I obviously raised a claim with my insurance company Hastings direct as soon as I got home. A week passed I'd heard nothing so I did a little chasing and so did my insurance company. Who found out the 3rd party now was disputing liability even though they were still admitting to being in the wrong lane.
Unfortunately I was on holiday for the next two weeks so I wasn't able to push things further.
When I returned I found a letter from the 3rd parties insurance company (direct line) dated from before I went away accepting liability.

Just over a month on I'm still stuck in the same place of a disputed liability claim. Even though I have a letter of admission.

What can I do? Any advice would be great as I'm really frustrated and starting to pull my hair out.

Hope this maked sense


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You have started the claim process with your insurer, pass on a copy of the third party's admission of liabiliy to your insurer, let them deal with it

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Renault Megane Renaultsport - Split liability roundabout - Daryl-leics
Yes I have but they say that the third party has since changed there mind on there liability so the letter doesn't count for anything. When I asked how this works they said it can be down to new evidence. I questioned what this new evidence was and they deflected on to something else.
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I think this is going to develop into a you say, he said tussle and will probably end up being dealt with as a knock for knock basis.

That said and, presuming the 3rd exit of the roundabout mentioned was in the 12 o clock or after position, you entered the roundabout and signalled correctly ie using the outside lane as mentioned in the highway Code.

Sadly, too many people do not know how to enter or exit a roundabout depending which exit one is using.

Renault Megane Renaultsport - Split liability roundabout - Brit_in_Germany

When I was having driving lessons more than 30 years ago, one of the pieces of wisdom the instructor was constantly repeating was that when exiting a roundabout always to check that nothing had crept up on the inside lane.


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