BMW 520d 2017 - BMW 520D rattle/clicking - Richard wall
Hi bought a brand new 5series tourer a few weeks ago before they stopped production and started on the new sharp one. It's got 500 miles on it and seems to have developed an annoying rattle which with all the back seats up sounds like a click when back seats down is louder and sounds like a rattle.

The boot is clear all seats lock in correctly the electric parcel shelf is also locked in.. it's really annoying. I'm taking it back next week to get looked at just wondering if anyone has experienced this itvreally only happens going over an uneven road surface..
BMW 520d 2017 - BMW 520D rattle/clicking - SLO76
It'll be a loose bit of trim, we had the same on our Honda CRV which took the dealer two attempts to sort. Was just two wires rubbing and causing a creaking noise. Never heard it since, or any others for that matter.

Modern cars are complex bits of kit with lots of parts, even premium brand cars rattle from time to time. I'm sure the dealer will see you alright.
BMW 520d 2017 - BMW 520D rattle/clicking - Richard wall
Thank you very much

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