CORSA SXI TWINPORT 2010 - ECU ISSUE - Sarah Grainger

Hi All,

First time posting and totally not tech-savvy when it comes to cars so please bear with me.

When I drive my car it's fine for 10-30mins before all the lights come on and the powering steering goes. When I turn off my engine and re-start it it sometimes seems to be fine, other times it has the ABS light on and on one occasion it wouldn't start for 2 hours and the AA guy had to tow it to my local garage as he said it wouldn't even turn over. I'm based in Manchester and not sure who to take it to. Do I take it straight to Vauxhall or will they rinse me? I've already paid £40 on it for a Diagnostics report to be done (in which they found no issue & reset all systems). I took it back and it failed again, I took it back to the same garage and after two weeks they told me that "it's an ECU fault and it fails on 4 control points". They haven't done anything with my car after a month so I took it off them tonight and managed to get it home without it faulting.
Any advice about what it could be or where I could take it in Manchester I'd be massively grateful. Thanks! Sarah x

CORSA SXI TWINPORT 2010 - ECU ISSUE - elekie&a/c doctor

Issues with warning lights ,power steering and abs systems could suggest a problem with the alternator charging system.Find a recommended local garage that can carry out more in-depth testing.May even be a dodgy battery.Doubt it will be an Ecu fault.


Although they do happen ECM failures are rare. If you suspect yours has failed there are companies who test and repair them. Do a Google search before buying a new one. Most likely your fault lies elsewhere as the Doc says.


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