- Engineer Andy

GR from Penketh (page 1) may care to note that only the top-of-the-range Sport model is affected - the BOSE sub-woofer in part of the under-boot space reduces the overall boot space considerably (see Car-by-Car section), but apparently all models can take a space saver spare, though at a ridiculous cost of £395 (from Mazda) for the wheel, tyre and special holder inside the wheel for the existing garb (presumably except the tube of gunk) that went in the location now taken by the spare. Sadly the same across the whole range, where space-saver spares are only an option (not sure about the MX-5 though).

I think they've gone too far on the weight-saving. Best to have a space under the main boot area to accommodate a full sized spare (even if a space-saver is fitted, so that the flat tyre can be suitably stowed if the boot is full).

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Bad Carma - GSTheo

As a car diver and cyclist I'm very, very disappointed by the irresponsible anti cycling comment from HJ in response to PO from Claygate. Yes, some cyclists can seem arrogant, cycling along a queue of cars fuming behind them for minutes on end! even choosing to ride on a smooth, well maintained yard width of road over a skanky strip of obstacle strewn bike path/pedestrian pathway. And I agree that some cyclists get overly righteous and messianic, its a symptom of the need to survive - get your retaliation in first syndrome. I urge any driver to try 2 wheel s V cars just once, such a useful perspective - HJ, swap you trilby for a helmet and hire a bike in Richmond park for a lap, a great and relatively gentle way to experience the futility of many drivers behaviour. The police 5 foot mat is obviously a good way to drum it into car drivers that a wing mirrors width is not enough clearance when passing a bike, again, try it one day, its very unpleasant. In what way is a bicycle passing a car similarly dangerous? Similarly - as you'll know many "lycra louts" can easily maintain 20 mph, how about a court ruling when a pedestrian V cycle injury has occurred as a result of shared use (often simply a path that's been repainted 50/50) For the man on a mission in his 4 wheeled fortress it can all seem so unfair. Fact is these lethal, polluting boxes are obsolete. These are the driven car's dying days, those annoying 2 wheeled obstacles will out live the car as we know it by a century or more. If the car driver does not choose to educate oneself the future will be avery frustrating place to be.

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- Strawman
As a 25,000 mile per year car driver and a cyclists I share Theo's comments. I am shocked at the ignorance portrayed by HJ and I guess that is why the police are having to point out what should be the blatantly obvious need for a sensible passing distance of a car past a cycle.

Yes some cyclists are daft, but then the same comment goes against car drivers as well. And there is no need for the sarcastic comment Lycra lout, such pathetic responses are really beneath you and only help fuel the views of the over entitled on both sides.

As for what I presume is ride London 100 get over it, or even better get on your bike, you may enjoy yourself and feel the health benefits. Those who live near Silverstone have to live with impact of car fans, where I live a big airshow makes a mess of local traffic. We live in a society and need to give its members space and time and not be so selfish and pompous. Sorry but your attitude is as much a problem as an over entitled cyclist, you have something in common, a lack of respect for the other.

On cycle paths you really need to consider if they are at all well designed or maintained. If they are shared with pedestrians then it is reasonable that a 20mph cyclist goes on the road. Why not they are a valid road user. And while on the topic of cycle paths, the UK design is terrible in general. If you want to force cyclists into using the cycle paths can we have them maintained, separate from pedestrians (for the comfort and safety of both) and no cars parked in them or on the pavement. And can we have proper design I saw one today (while driving) that was about 1 to 3 ft wide (it varied). ran out with no warning then started again, and about every 100M had a parked car in it. Absolutely useless. Perhaps if like bus lanes there were cameras fining drivers for going into the cycle lane we might get some where.

What we need is respect and protection for all road users, that is car, van, bus, taxi, truck, cyclist, pedestrian, horse rider...... Get the message. Roads are for road users, not just car drivers.

Sorry guys but I believe an apology is required from yourselves in the next column.
- Mark1975
Agree totally with Theo and Strawman. We need properly segregated cycle infrastructure and some attitude training that roads are for all road users not just cars. The terminology used in the article is really unhelpful in my view.
- karenannanina
As a former cyclist of many years' experience and now a driver, I found HJ's comments perfectly reasonable, and shared by most of the other drivers I have spoken to. What annoys most of us about the typical messianic cyclist is the remarkable mixture of self-righteousness, lawlessness, insensitivity, rudeness, incompetence, arrogance and smart-assery. Long gone are the principles drummed into us for the Cycling Proficiency Test in my cycling days - "Don't ride on the footpath!" "Don't cycle across a pedestrian crossing!" "Don't ride out round a stationary vehicle if a car is approaching from behind!" "If you're holding up cars or other traffic, keep as close to the kerb as possible and ride in single file!" "Never ride more than two abreast!" "Never ride at night without lights!" "Always obey traffic signals - they apply to ALL road users. And don't ride on to the footpath to avoid them!" All old-fashioned precepts and unknown to todays' Two-Wheeled Warriors, but they were taught in the interests of safety and harmony.
- Phil Marriner
Bottom line here is if your doing it on the public highway then the highway code applies, regardless of whether your a pedestrian, cyclist or driver of whatever 'vehicle'. Agree with the points above regarding lack of respect and poorly thought out and implemented road infrastructure.

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