dangerous driving charge - scr3wball

Looking for advice i have been charged with dangerous driving

For overtaking were road markings do not allow and at a junction and making oncoming

Traffic take ovasive action to avoid an accident the footage is in a 30 zone

I Appreciate my max spped is 53mph in a 30 but what do yous rekon about te rest

My solicotor doant want to use footage as he says they may take

The speeding as dangerous any one got any comments thanks.


dangerous driving charge - RobJP

You drove like an idiot, and you may well be looking at a ban.

I'd suggest you do exactly what your solicitor tells you to do.

dangerous driving charge - RT

That's definitely dangerous driving in my book - as RobJP states, do what your solicitor suggests.

It'll be your lucky day if my brother-in-law ISN'T on the bench - he'd be looking for any way to increase the penalties beyond a ban.

dangerous driving charge - skidpan
I would not dare to click on your link but here are my comments:

53 in a 30

Overtaking where road markings do not allow

Overtaking at a junction

Making oncoming traffic take evasive action

I suspect you will be banned and be fined, if not the law is an ass.
dangerous driving charge - RobJP

The link is fine to click on - it's a youtube video.

dangerous driving charge - Bromptonaut

What on earth possessed you to try an overtake there? You were only ever going to end up behind another car sticking to the 30 limit.

Are you defending or pleading guilty? If guilty is there any mitigation?

dangerous driving charge - scot22

I can't believe this is a genuine OP. Everyone has been politer than I feel about it. The consequences could have been horrendous - you are lucky to just be facing driving ban. As others have said, listen to your solicitor. There is no excuse.

dangerous driving charge - FP

I'm not sure if the link is to the OP's own dashcam, but if it is it underlines the point that these devices have two sides - one, to record awful stuff from other drivers and to protect yourself from some of the consequences - and two, to record things about your own driving (speed etc.) that may not be to your credit.

Though I like to think I'm a careful driver, since I fitted a dashcam I've been extra cautious about my speed.

P.S. Why does anyone want to post on the internet self-incriminating evidence for all and sundry to see?

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dangerous driving charge - scr3wball

Hi thabks everyone for getting back to me.

It would appear that i have listed this on the wrong forum/site.as it would appear i have just been slated by you guys

i have been charged yes But as you can see from the footage it was perfectly legal to overtake where i did there was no solid lines to say i couldnt yes i encrouched into split chevrons land but because they are broken you are permited to cross over/into them code 130

Also did you see anyone taking evasive action no one down ditches flashing main beams hazard lights ect.

would it not appear that i am only guilty of travelling over speed as you guys have got me hung and quartered

How far back were the police?obviously far enough back that they have charged me with overtaking were it was not permitted and at a junction you can clearly see this manouver was done before the junction and was back in lane before reaching the junction road end

regarding mitigation yes i am trying to get this reduced to careless driving however i think this should have been a speeding fine done at the roadside

thanks for anymore input.

please make it constructive not just what you have read i know the cosequences so i do not need slated thats not why i have posted here its to get some advice on is this dangeros or careless or just driving in excess of the speed limit.

dangerous driving charge - RobJP

You've been charged with dangerous driving because your driving was, in the view of the police / CPS, dangerous.

You were travelling at such a speed whilst overtaking that someone attempting to pull out would have been placed in severe danger due to your actions.

Of course, if you feel that this is all wrong, then feel free to turn up in court with your dashcam footage as your 'defence'.

I suspect you will find a set of magistrates to be very un-sympathetic, however.

dangerous driving charge - RT

If you read the Highway Code properly, it'll say some thing like "only permitted to cross if safe to do so" - if you'd crossed solid lines, that would be a different charge possibly in addition to dangerous driving.

You've done the sensible thing of seeking proper legal advice from your solicitor - take it, he knows the courts very well.

dangerous driving charge - Theophilus

It would appear that i have listed this on the wrong forum/site.as it would appear i have just been slated by you guys

please make it constructive not just what you have read i know the cosequences so i do not need slated thats not why i have posted here its to get some advice on is this dangeros or careless or just driving in excess of the speed limit.

I think that most contributors to this forum do not view it as a resource for facilitating dangerous / illegal driving to evade the consequences of the law, but rather offering (generally!) constructive advice to enable the OP to make a balanced judgement as to whether a situation falls inside or outside of the law, and therefore how to proceed if further legal action is taken.

I don’t claim to be holier than thou, as (hopefully only occasionally and inadvertently), I sometimes find that I am driving over the speed limit but generally this is either on familiar roads where the limit has recently been lowered (a fair cop!), or on sections of road where the limit seems to vary every few hundred yards for no obvious reason other than to catch out unwary motorists.

However driving at 53mph in a 30mph limit (a residential zone? – I can’t download the video) is reckless and dangerous rather than careless in my book and I should expect it to be dealt with severely.

dangerous driving charge - 72 dudes

I've watched the dashcam footage very carefully twice.

Overhead street lights, 30 MPH limit, nightime.

I think you were frustrated at the speed at which the Fiat 500 and Peugeot 307 SW were travelling at, 25 MPH, and thought you'd chance a double overtake.

Unfortunately this involved already being on the wrong side of the road when the hatched section appeared (no, you weren't already back in your lane) and anybody coming out of the junction to your right may well have been killed being hit at 50 MPH plus.

Thank goodness that police car was there to witness your dangerous driving and stop you.

Learn from this, accept you made a stupid mistake and take any safer driving course offered to you. I hope that is constructive enough for you.

The most amusing moment of the footage is when the Fiat 500 tootles past while you are stopped and (presumably) having a chat with the police.

dangerous driving charge - RT
however i think this should have been a speeding fine done at the roadsidet.

ACPO Guidelines on speeding have court proceedings for all cases of 50 mph and above in a 30 limit - at 53 mph, it wasa never going to be a Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty (CoFP) www.cambs.police.uk/roadsafety/docs/201305-uoba-jo...f

Under Magistrates Sentencing Guidelines, the speeding alone is a Band C offence with a 7-56 day ban and a fine of about 1.5 times weekly income www.sentencingcouncil.org.uk/offences/item/speedin.../ www.forum.drinkdriving.org/have-you-been-caught-co...m

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dangerous driving charge - glidermania

Awesome self incrimination with that dashcam footage if this is a genuine post!

Not sure how that police car could have determined the speed unless they saw the dashcam footage as I doubt they'd be using a laser gun from inside the car. Not sure they still use the old timed between 2 points device now (VASCAR?).

dangerous driving charge - rocky333


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dangerous driving charge - jc2

I would rather be charged with dangerous driving than careless-at least it shows you know what you are doing.

dangerous driving charge - Middleman

If you are convicted of Dangerous Driving (and your description of events certainly seems to support that charge) you face a minimum 12 month disqualification and a mandatory extended re-test when your licence is returned. The Court (whether Magistrates' or Crown) has no discretion over either of these penalties.

My own view is that your best hope of anything less is to get the charge reduced to Careless Driving in return for a guilty plea. If you try that you must hope that the CPS is feeling particularly charitable as, from the brief description you have provided, they should have no difficulty securing a dangerous driving conviction.

You may also bear in mind that the Sentencing Guidelines split the sentencing into categories of seriousness. The middle categoryincluddes this as a description:

Incident(s) involving excessive speed [tick for you] or showing off, especially on busy roads or in a built-up area [tick for you]

The starting point for sentencing such an offence is twelve weeks custody.

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dangerous driving charge - skidpan

The link is fine to click on - it's a youtube video.

Finally got around to watching it. What total stupidity. Over 50 mph in a 30 mph built up area on a wet night at a junction.

Hope the police have copied the footage to use as evidence.

You sir deserve the maximum penalty possibe.


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