Lots of cool retro cars on tv these days - badbusdriver

Cant help noticing the trend for having some distinctly retro cars on various tv programs these days. Not that i'm complaing, quite the contrary with our roads filling up with 'me too' SUV's!

I started thinking about this again the other night after watching the first 2 episodes of 'The team'. One of the main characters was driving a Peugeot 604!. Metallic brown of course!.

I recently watched the first series of Stan Lee's Lucky Man, and while i wasnt very impressed with the series otherwise, James Nesbitt's character drove a very sweet E28 5 series BMW.

Of course there was 'Luther' with Idris Elba, who was driving a volvo 240 in the first series, though i think that changed to a 740 or 940 in later series. I also seem to remember a Jensen Intercepter turning up at some point! (possibly an early 7 series BMW too, or did i imagine that?!).

Although, due to not having netflix, i have not watched the (apparently) excellent Scandi-noir drama 'The bridge', i have watched the Anglo-French adaptation, The Tunnel (both series). In it, our 2 main characters drive a W123 class Mercedes estate and a Porsche 944.

Also, though it was a film rather than a tv series, an early-mid 80's Opel Rekord was being driven by Jude Law in 'Black Sea'!. Very obscure, especially as it was in the UK.

I also remember, from a few years ago, a lovely Alfa Romeo (a Giulia i think) being used in an advert for (bizarrely) maltesers!

Anybody else noticed any other interesting/obscure retro cars on tv?

Lots of cool retro cars on tv these days - Avant

It's quite fun noticing cars which appear in more than one programme - such as the two police Wolseleys which were in both Foyle's War and SS-GB. I believe there's an agency which puts owners and producers in touch.

Lots of cool retro cars on tv these days - 72 dudes

I like the old 5 series in Lucky Man. Sounds great when driven in anger (no dubbing) so must be one of the straight sixes.

The same cars kept cropping up in Prime Suspect 1973, most notably a Triumph 1300 (pre Dolomite) which was either parked or rolling by in virtually every shot!

The DI drove a Hillman Hunter, which was actually a Singer Vogue, going by the wooden door cappings and exterior chrome. Clearly said Hunter on the front wing though so a bit of a hybrid (but without the electric motor!)

Lots of cool retro cars on tv these days - Steveieb
Lots of retro cars on Cradle to the Grave but not seen one driven in anger, possibly to the relief of the owners.
Lots of cool retro cars on tv these days - Fishermans Bend

Those were the days before leviathan SUv started to take over. Buyers say they need them to tow a caravan, utter hogwash. Or they buy them to see over other vehicles, well that appeal will soon end, yesterday I saw four SUV following each other. And before the MPV, some call them vans with windows. How did we manage in those days of deprivation?

Life was so much better, women didn't park on pavements when picking up little darlings from school, the only time their bloated SUvs go offroad!!!!


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