BMW Mini one 2009 - Washer bottle - Geoffm

My daughter's washers have packed up, you can hear the pump working just no water out of the jets front or back screens.

Running the garden hose into the bottle filler pipe crud starts to flush itself so my question is rather than stripping out to get to the bottle itself ( I'm thinking wheel off, inner lining out ect ) is there a cleaning agent I can use to descale the inside the bottle and flush through the pipes/


BMW Mini one 2009 - Washer bottle - Railroad.

Most likely the pump inlet strainer is blocked. Remove the washer pump and pull the grommet from out if the bottle. Give it a good clean and problem solved.

BMW Mini one 2009 - Washer bottle - RobJP

Unfortunately, as Geoff says, the washer bottle (and pump, which is, I believe, situated at the bottom of the bottle) is tucked away in the wheel arch housing.

Geoff, you might well find that a bit of dettol or other disinfectant in the bottle helps to break down the 'crud' further, and will enable you to flush it out through the top with a hosepipe. Though obviously be aware and careful of splashes and eyes and the car bodywork.

Failing which, as you suspect, you need to get to the pump at the bottom of the bottle, and the strainer filter on that will undoubtedly be clogged up. Relatively easy to remove and clean once you've gotten to it.

BMW Mini one 2009 - Washer bottle - elekie&a/c doctor
Another possibility is to disconnect the pipes from bonnet junction and reverse blow compressed air down towards the pump/bottle.this usually stirs up the gunge in the bottom of the bottle ,then flush with a hose.
BMW Mini one 2009 - Washer bottle - Geoffm

Thanks for the advice, I shall try the Dettol first, then rig up the garden hose to reverse blast out the bottle and then as the final resort access the bottom of the bottle and remove the pump, I didn't think there might be a strainer fitted makes sense.

Thank you all.


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