Toyota RAV4 D-4D - Blown Turbo again - mrruss

In November 2015 my Rav blew its turbo and after investigating a replacement from some decidedly dodgy companies i decided to bite the bullet and get a proper Garret reconditioned unit from BTN turbos. The unit comes with a 2 year garauntee and that peace of mind cost me around £700. My local trusted garage fitted it for £280 and I whent on my way.

3 weeks ago the newish turbo blew after 7000 miles and said garage removed it and I returned it to BTN with a claim for a replacement. I have just received a report from BTN saying about what I expected, turbo failed due to 'oil dirt ingress'. Pictures of oily bits and scoring on shafts etc.

Garage says it fitted the turbo correctly, changed oil and filter and I do trust them. In my opinion the damage seen on the photos could have been the result of the failure itself, if a bearing failed for example. How can BTN prove that it wasn't and if not their garantee is useless to me!

I now have a disabled car in the garage and another £1000 bill looming. Where do I go from here?

Any advice appreciated.



Toyota RAV4 D-4D - Blown Turbo again - RobJP

Did the garage also change the oil feed and return pipes at the same time as the turbo ?

A lot of turbo failures are caused by a lack of lubrication - basically, over time, oil carbonises in the feed/return pipes, leading to those pipes getting clogged up. Much like arteries and a heart attack, the lack of flow, or a 'lump' getting dislodged and making it's way to the heart'turbo, then causes the failure.

Unfortunately, you've made the classic error of 'nreaking the chain of liability'. Always get a garage to supply AND fit parts. That way, if something goes wrong, you've got one port of call, and not 2 different people, each potentially blaming the other.

The only way to prove the liability of either party would be to get an independent engineers report showing exactly what went wrong, and why it went wrong.

Toyota RAV4 D-4D - Blown Turbo again - Cyd

Did the garage also change the oil feed and return pipes at the same time as the turbo ?

An extremely pertinent question. I'll bet they didn't. Schoolboy error.

Oil supply problems are probably about the biggest cause of turbo failure. Dirt ingress to the compressor is another biggy.

Also take a look at my turbo care guide in the stickies. There's a high probability of "pilot error" making a contribution.

Toyota RAV4 D-4D - Blown Turbo again - Steveieb

Interested to learn the age of the RAV 4 and mileage.

Toyota RAV4 D-4D - Blown Turbo again - mrruss

Well I guess I know what to do next time I have £1000 to spare!

My understanding is that the turbo supplier provides a 'Critical Items' list with the part and if hoses should be replaced then they are provided to the installer with the item. No such items or list was provided for this model.

Garage flushed and changed the oil and say they did 'all they should have done' for this work.

The rav is a 2000 Mk 2 with 160,000 on the clock.


Toyota RAV4 D-4D - Blown Turbo again - gordonbennet

Could i ask mrruss what the service history and usage is with the car, oil changes in particular, and have you allowed the engine to warm and cool as necessary before and after driving?

Toyota RAV4 D-4D - Blown Turbo again - madf

The problem with an old engine with high mileage is that flushing may just disturb sediment which is congealed around the engine. (I stripped a olf Ford Fiesta 1.1 which had been neglected a bit and driven mainly short journeys. It had a 10-20mm layer of sludge in the sump.. Flushing will NOT remove that but loosen the surface so bits come off in later use and block the oil strainer or oilways or both!)

I suspect the combination of wear/sludge and bits of turbo metal were left after flushing.. and teh turbo oil ways were affected ...


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