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An interesting question today in Ask HJ about insuring two cars:

Our car insurance is due for renewal soon, and we are a three car family- Dacia Logan, Mx5, and my wife's Yaris Hybrid. We have used Aviva multi-car for 2 years, mainly because it was the cheapest option for my wife as these have been her first two years driving.

The MX5 was added recently for £120, more out of convenience than anything else, and because I didn't have any no claims for it. The Yaris is currently £650, and the Logan £350. I haven't had the renewal quote yet, so wanted to ask what were your experiences of multi-car policies for 3 cars?

Would a classic policy be better for the Mazda with a specialist provider (like all the ads I see in Practical Classics!)?

Do you think 3 separate policies would work out cheaper using a comparison site, and has that been your experience? I will shop around this year (I didn't last year as my wife looked elsewhere and it was cheaper for her to stick with Aviva, so we did!) but thought I'd ask all you lot first!
Multi-car insurance - RaineMan

I used to have a multi-car policy but found that classic car insurance was considerably cheaper. It may not be available if the MX5 is not that old and/or kept on the street. Footman James are quite helpful.

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Multi-car insurance - Miniman777

First year I tried multi-car insurance I got a 53 plate Mondeo TDCi, Mini Cooper (56 plate), a 53 plate MX5 Sport and 20-year old daughter's 52 plate Clio 1.2 all insured for £997 (2012 it was). Each was specified who was the main, secondary or occasional user or even non-user.

While the insurer paid out £2k for a claim on the MX5 after freak storm damage, the next year (2013) they only wanted £1700, so were told to stick it. (cant fault the way the claim was handled).

The problem facing me was the insurance on all cars expired on the same day/time, and although by insuring each individually at a cheaper price collectively, it meant a lot of legwork for quotes and setting up 4 new payment schemes and checking all the details were correct.

No longer having 3 of the cars, there is only a Mini to insure and makes life simple. I did try specialist insurance for the MX5 (Adrian Flux, A Plan, etc) but it was more expensive that Churchill or Direct Line who dont appear on comparison sites.

My view is that it can save money, but bear in mind the need to insure all cars separately when you end the deal for whatever reason.

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Multi-car insurance - 72 dudes

So much depends on personal circumstances (age, job, location, usage) that it's hard to give good advice.

I used Admiral's multi-car policy a few years ago and it was definitely a better way of insuring my 3 cars.

As an IAM member, I now use Cornmarket and individual policies work out the same or hardly more expensive than anything on a comparison site for what seems to be a better policy. Having said that, I did recently switch my SLK350 insurance (low annual mileage) to General Accident (now part of Aviva) as Cornmarket couldn't get below about £230. IIRC it was £184 with GA for a similar policy with lower excess. (I'm over 50 and in a "safe" part of East Anglia)

Just shop around as you have been doing.

P.S. Just seen the Honest John Q&A in the link and the reply appears to be b*******. Unless they live in Westminster and have a string of claims, I wouldn't dream of paying £497. And mine is insured for S,D and P plus commuting.

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