Skoda Octavia 1600 DSG - DSG clutch judder - superad

My 2015 model which has done 30k suffers from rough idling when in Park and neutral. It's not all of the time but it happens often, say 8 to 10 times a day (car is a taxi). What I have noticed is that when this happens and I pull away in 1st or reverse there is clutch judder and it's significant. When idling it feels a bit like the clutch is trying to bite, if say in a manual you sat with the handbrake on and rocked the clutch that is what this sounds like.

I will take to my skoda dealer but being armed with any information would be most helpful as they sometimes dismisses warranty claims for clutches.

Once moving car drives fine. It has a dry clutch. It has been service etc by skoda.

Skoda Octavia 1600 DSG - DSG clutch judder - superad

Just to add this happens hot and cold. It's not DPF regeneration. I know what that sounds and smells like. No warning lights on etc.

Skoda Octavia 1600 DSG - DSG clutch judder - SLO76
This threat may help. The dry clutch DSG seems to be quite troublesome and certainly not something I'd want on a taxi. When buying for heavy use like this it's best to keep things as simple as possible which would mean a manual box to me. There's been much discussion on this subject on here in the past

Out of curiosity does your local authority have an ill advised age limit on taxis? Ours won't allow anything over 3yrs old to be registered as a private hire and it must be off the road by 6yrs which is utter nonsense generated by ignorant civil servants who probably couldn't tell you one end of a motor from the other. A well maintained 6 year old ex family car like a Toyota Avensis with say 60-70k up would make a fine and cost effective taxi. I would hate to run a business that's at the mercy of these utter m****s.
Skoda Octavia 1600 DSG - DSG clutch judder - superad

Thanks i will have a read. Yeah Vargas gone less than 3 years when plated and a 7 year age limit. I was nervous about buying the DSG but it's a joy to drive. When it works!

Skoda Octavia 1600 DSG - DSG clutch judder - superad

Well it's been into skoda and they agree it has a problem. It's now booked in to get the gearbox and clutch removed for inspection. I don't like the idea of keeping it now after they have had the dsg out. We will see.

Must say in my own experience I am disappointed with VAG cars. I had a A4 and the turbo went at 65k, 3 yes old, cost a fortune as just out of warranty. Now a skoda with at 30k 16 months old getting gearbox removed. Not good enough!

Skoda Octavia 1600 DSG - DSG clutch judder - superad

Well after 5 days in my local dever car now has a new clutch and is fine. It has knocked my confidence in the dsg set up though, clutch failing at such low miles, hope it doesn't happen again.


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