Ford Mondeo TDCi 2Litre Diesel - ignition fault - peter carr

Please help if you can. I have had an intermittent problem starting the engine for a month or so, always started first click before, but lately between 2 and 20 or so attempts to get going. It seemed to right itself a couple of weeks back, but it started happening again since, and today after 10 minutes of trying we finally got going....I pulled over to text I was on my way, and it conked out (first time it's done this. This time when I tried the ignition nothing happened at all (no cranking or clicking although dash lit up)...only a run-away whirring noise from the engine that kept going with the key removed (for about 10secs).

After cursing for a short while, I tried again and it started...only to stall as soon as the revs went down). Now it is as above with no crank, and the whirring continues with the key out.

I was wanting to get an opportunity to get it to a garage while the original fault was evident, but just had a sons birthday to get out of the way and our washing machines' packed in too, so was on the 'next' list.

I've spent a few hours finding related faults, but can't find anything about this latest sudden change in behaviour. Any help truly appreciated.

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Ford Mondeo TDCi 2Litre Diesel - ignition fault - peter carr

UPDATE. Went back to where it was parked this morning, and first time I tried, it was exactly the same....dash lights on, no click, no crank. I pushed the car bacjk a couple of inches and tried again, and it started straight away....I kept the revs up and managed to drive back to the house, where once I switched off, the above problem has resumed.

Ford Mondeo TDCi 2Litre Diesel - ignition fault - elekie&a/c doctor
Could be a starter motor fault.common on diesel models where swarf from the dmf and clutch gunges up the internals of the starter
Ford Mondeo TDCi 2Litre Diesel - ignition fault - peter carr

Thanks...and you were right! A very kind fella from over the road fixed this for me, and it's worked fine for a week now, but this morning I'm having trouble starting again. At leat I know what to replace now. Off to the scrappy!

Ford Mondeo TDCi 2Litre Diesel - ignition fault - RichardW

If the motor was jammed with swarf, and the replacement has gone the same way, then you need to bite the bullet and get the box out and fit a new clutch and DMF. Or scrap it!


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