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I recently bought a VW Golf and seller told me the code for the Gamma Radio was on the back of the radio but it isn't. I think that the car as learnt the code itself as a 4 digit code is showing in the screen but I can't get the radio, tape deck or 6 CD changer to work. Can somebody please help me as I really need some music in my car.

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VW Golf mk3/4 Cabriolet - Help with VW Gamma Radio - elekie&a/c doctor

If it has the original radio fitted,then it should pick up any code stored from the instrument panel.When the radio is first switched on after a battery disconnect,the display should show "learn" and the unit should start to work without any code input. I could possibly get the correct code,but would need all the info off the radio label.However,realistically it may be easier just to get a more up to date unit installed.Do you really want a cassette player?and the cd changers rarely work on these.


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