CRV alternatives. - Simmo1111
I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions with regard to other SUV choices before I splash the cash on a CRV. At this point I'm looking at a 2.0 petrol 2WD CRV but I keep reading that the engines are quite underpowered and need to be worked hard to get anything out of them. I also recently read that there have been issues with the aircon (although that was on a US site just in case that makes any difference) I have decided on a petrol due to the short journeys I do (DPF a definite no go for me) My reasons for an SUV is that I need something with a high ride height due to my outdoor hobbies. I would like 4WD as an extra luxury due to some of the places I go but can live without it if necessary so long as I'm careful where I park up. Obviously a petrol 4WD is going to be greedy on fuel but providing it isn't too bad I reckon I can live with it. That said, I did have a 4WD CRV petrol on an 02 plate and it was horrendous on fuel. From a full tank, after 270 miles the low fuel light was back on and it was back to the filliing station for me! Hopefully the more modern engines are a bit better nowadays. Trouble I'm having at the moment is that no matter which car I fancy a look at, there are problems in some form or another and I end up going round in circles!

Any suggestions would be very welcome.
CRV alternatives. - daveyjp
Subaru XV or Forester. For a 2.0 petrol permanent 4x4 they are more efficient than they have ever been and I don't consider them greedy, unless you spend all day doing 80-85 on the motorway.

I've had a Forester 2.0 for 2.5 years and even on a 5 mile school run which can take 30-40 minutes it does 30mpg. Outside of rush hour 35-40 mpg in urban traffic is easily achievable.

My wife has an A class 150 petrol, 2wd lighter, but older petrol engine and and it does similar mpg. I am considering an XV as a replacement.

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CRV alternatives. - SLO76
All depends on your budget. If you're able to aford a fourth gen 2.0 2wd it'll do up to 40mpg which is better than a MK III diesel. Also note that the MK III 2.2 diesel didn't have a DPF until late 2009 and is distinguished by the DTEC badge in place of the earlier non-DPF equipped CDTi. But again it's all down to how much you want to spend. I wouldn't recommend a cheap diesel to anyone, even a Honda as the extra repair and maintenance costs outweigh the fuel savings. The later the model the better the economy too, the first gen 2.0 was horrific on juice barely able to hit 25mpg. The 2.0 petrol is no ball of fire in any of them but again later 2wd cars are better but will never match the midrange pull of a diesel, even the 1.6 goes well.

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CRV alternatives. - gordonbennet

My son and DiL's 13 plate petrol 4WD CRV is nearly as economical as their previous 05 Diesel was, no it hasn't got the low speed torque obviously but so long as you drive it like a NA petrol and not like a turboDiesel it's powerful enough for them and they are very happy with the car, it'll stay quietly at 80 all day long on the motorway and overtaking hasn't automatically meant hair raising situations.

If you want to stay Diesel for shorter journeys you really have no option but to avoid DPF, the good days of Diesel are over unless you are prepared to run an older vehicle and make it last as long as possible by suitable care, but you may increasingly find yourself paying taxes/fines for not doing as you are told and disposing of the type of vehicle 'they' encouraged people to get not so long ago, such cars will no doubt be priced out of some cities, so what suits me (i can't abide cities so being banned is actually fine) won't suit others.

CRV alternatives. - Simmo1111
Looking to spend between 10 and 11k. The 2.2 CDTI CRV was my original choice due to the lack of a DPF but to be honest I'm struggling to bring myself to spend the best part of 10k on an 09 plate. They hold their price well for a reason of course but if I'm going to spend so much cash I'd prefer to get something a bit newer.
CRV alternatives. - SLO76
With that budget I'd be aiming at an early petrol MK IV then. These are available in 2 & 4wd with the former marginally cheaper and better on fuel. There's little to fear on them, they're extremely well made big cars. Just make sure you drive it from cold and feel for clutch judder which although uncommon in the petrol cars it's an issue on many diesels.

Our 1.6 DTEC is outstanding on fuel, averaging 56mpg but these are DPF equipped and you'll struggle to save the extra outlay even buying used. Not exciting to drive but it's a fantast big family wagon with a five star ncap safety rating.
CRV alternatives. - Falkirk Bairn

I have a 2ltr petrol CRV 4wd - auto - won't pull the skin off a rice pudding.

It's got a drink problem.

It's a great car if you can live with the above shortcomings - in the US the same car is 2.4 ltr with another 35 BHP.

Roomy, comfortable - repairs in 4.5 yrs = NIL - wiper blades (front & back)

CRV alternatives. - Simmo1111
Thanks for the help chaps, at the moment I'm comparing the CRV to a 2011 Kia Sportage 2.0 petrol 4WD. Does anyone have any experience regarding the Kia ?

CRV alternatives. - NARU
Thanks for the help chaps, at the moment I'm comparing the CRV to a 2011 Kia Sportage 2.0 petrol 4WD. Does anyone have any experience regarding the Kia ? Thanks.

I was just about to suggest a Sportage as a possible alternative. A couple of guys at work have them and they're very happy.

CRV alternatives. - RT

If you're looking at the 2010-on Kia Sportage, it's based on the Hyundai iX35/Tucson platform so that should be considered as well.

CRV alternatives. - SLO76
A good car all round but the previous generation is rapidly disappearing from our roads with terminal rot underneath, some as early as 05-06 whereas the CRV will just be getting into its stride at this age. Not sure if Kia have this rust issue sorted on the newer car but there's been plenty of nasty cases of it on the Cee'd so I doubt they have.

Used values don't hold up as well as the bigger Honda and the MK IV CRV is actually better on fuel according to official figures and HJ's real mpg listings. It's a better made, more comfortable and more spacious car and suffers fewer issues, though the Kia is by no means bad and if it has a full dealer history you get the remains of Kia's excellent 7yr 100k warranty. This is difficult or impossible to claim on without a dealer history so disregard any dealer who tells you it has it if there's no book full of dealer stamps. They'll need to cover it with their own warranty.
CRV alternatives. - skidpan
This is difficult or impossible to claim on without a dealer history so disregard any dealer who tells you it has it if there's no book full of dealer stamps.

A book full of stamps means nothing to Kia even if they are from a Kia dealer. Kia know all too well that stamps are available to purchase from a well known auction site thus the warranty T & C's clearly says that receipts showing what was done, when and what parts were used are all needed for a warranty job.

Obviously if these are from a Kia dealer its still easier.


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